March, 2010

Amprobe is voluntarily recalling: TIC 300HV and TIC 300CC AC Voltage Detectors also called “TIC Tracers” that were manufactured between September 11, 2009 and October 27, 2009 with serial numbers between 1071 0001 and 1118 9999. Stop using these products immediately!

The meters can fail to give an appropriate voltage reading, resulting in the operator believing the electrical power is off, which can pose a risk of shock, electrocution, or thermal burn hazard.

All other TIC Tracer products are safe to use and are not being recalled.

Description of the Problem:
Through quality assurance tests, we have discovered a potential short circuit connection on the circuit board. This may lead to inaccurate voltage readings including a low or no voltage reading on a circuit energized with a hazardous voltage.

Requested Actions: 
Stop using your TIC 300HV and/or TIC 300CC AC Voltage Detectors that have serial numbers between 1071 0001 and 1118 9999. To request a replacement product, please contact 888.993.5853.  The service team will provide a postage paid label for the return shipment. As soon as we receive your recalled product, we will mail you the replacement product with no cost to you.

We recognize that recalls inconvenience our customers and we are committed to providing you with an alternate product with minimal disruption for you.