June, 2007

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Amprobe is voluntarily recalling the ACD-10 PRO, ACD-10 TRMS-PRO, ACD-14 and ACD-14 TRMS Digital Clamp Meters. Please stop using all of these products and return your unit to Amprobe and your unit will be replaced with a comparable Amprobe Digital Clamp Meter.

Description of the Problem:
The ACD-10 PRO, ACD-10 TRMS-PRO, ACD-14 and ACD-14 TRMS models “lock up” in certain circumstances failing to properly measure hazardous voltage levels on electrical systems. When the clamp meter locks up it provides readings under 1 volt or a millivolt reading. If the user does not follow industry standard practice by verifying the tester before and after checking a circuit, he/she may believe there is no voltage present when in fact there is. THIS COULD PLACE THE USER IN A POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS SITUATION.

Requested Actions: 
Stop using your ACD-10 PRO, ACD-10 TRMS-PRO, ACD-14 or ACD-14 TRMS Clamp Meter and contact Amprobe directly for a free replacement clamp meter. To request a replacement product, please contact 888.993.5853.  The service team will provide a postage paid label for the return shipment.

Please return your affected ACD-10 PRO and/or ACD-14 Digital Clamp Meter(s) as soon as possible, even if you have not experienced problems. If you are not the primary user of an ACD-10 PRO or ACD-14, please pass this notice along to the appropriate people within your organization.

We recognize that recalls inconvenience our customers and we are committed to providing you with an alternate product with minimal disruption for you.