April, 2012

Important Products Safety Recall Notice: Amprobe AM-540 and AM-550 Digital Multimeters

Amprobe is voluntarily recalling: AM-540 and AM-550 Digital Multimeters, all of which were sold between January and March 2012


These meters may not meet the requirements of their CAT IV 600 V / CAT III 1000 V ratings. This can pose a risk of the meter failing if overvoltage occurs which can lead to a risk of shock, explosion, electrocution, or thermal burns. 

Description of the Problem

A production issue has led to a potential safety issue where the meter may not withstand the energy of transient overvoltage, which could cause the meter to explode or experience arcing that could put the user at serious risk of harm.

This recall does not affect Amprobe AM-510, AM-520 and AM-530 digital multimeters.

Requested Actions: 
If you currently have an AM-540 or AM-550 Digital Multimeter, stop using it and return it at no cost to Amprobe:

  1. Contact Amprobe and request a postage-paid return mailer for returning your product by calling 888-300-1088.
  2. Upon receiving your recalled product, we will mail you a replacement product, which has the same features and functions as your returned product:
    • An Amprobe AM-540 will be replaced by an Amprobe AM-560
    • An Amprobe AM-550 will be replaced by an Amprobe AM-570

We value our customers and the safe use of Amprobe products. We therefore strive to provide the highest quality test and measurement tools, and when there is an issue, remedy it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Thank you for your patience and assistance.