Amprobe RTD-10 Dual Input Digital RTD Thermometer

  • RTD dual input function
  • Pt3916/Pt3926/Pt385 RTD standard
  • °C/°F user-selectable
  • Warning beeper with hi/lo setting
  • Resolution 0.1°C to 0.2°F
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The RTD-10 Dual Input Digital RTD Thermometer is preferred for industrial process applications. It typically provides higher accuracy than thermocouples and maintains stability for many years.

Resistive thermal devices (RTDs) are becoming the preferred temperature sensors for precision industrial applications. Instead of generating voltage, RTDs generate electrical resistance, which varies linearly with temperature. Amprobe RTD thermometers maintain long-term stability for superior repeatability of measurements, when compared to thermocouples.


Wireless transmission
Temperature RTD: Pt385 (100 O), Pt3916/Pt3926 (100 O)
Range: Pt385 (100 O): -328 °F → 1472 °F (-200 °C → 800 °C)
Pt3916 / Pt3926 (100 O): -328 °F → 1166 °F (-200 °C → 630 °C)
Accuracy +/- (0.05 %rdg + 0.4 °F) on °F scale
+/- (0.05 %rdg + 0.2 °C) on °C scale
Number if parameters on the display 3
Display 4½ digit liquid crystal display (LCD) with maximum reading of 19999
Polarity Automatic, positive implied, negative polarity indication.
Battery 1.5 V x 4 pcs AAA
Temperature scale Celsius or Fahrenheit user-selectable



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What’s Included

  • RTD-10
  • RTD connectors
  • Batteries (installed)


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2 reviews for Amprobe RTD-10 Dual Input Digital RTD Thermometer

  1. Clement

    Can’t find probes for it

    Searched on-line for probes to go with the RTD-10 and none are listed.

    ✘ No, I do not recommend this product

  2. Amprobe

    We’re sorry you had difficulty finding probes for your unit!

    They can be found online from third-party suppliers. Once purchased, they can be soldered to the connector that is included with our product. If you have any further questions, please email

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