Amprobe AT-1000 Wire Tracer

  • Traces energized lines up to 300 V AC/DC
  • Traces de-energized lines and open conductors
  • Locates shorts and identifies breakers and fuses without powering down
  • Identifies targeted control, alarm, and telephone system cables individually or in a bundle
  • Traces coaxial cable shield
  • Offers a receiver range up to 3′ (1 m) from a cable being traced


The Amprobe AT-1000 Wire Tracer is just what you need for routine maintenance and troubleshooting.

This electrical wire tracer is easy to use, fast, and extremely accurate for tracing wires and detecting shorts, breakers, open conductors, and fuses from up to 3’ (.91 m) away. The AT-1000 wire locator tool traces both energized and de-energized lines and identifies control, alarm, and telephone system cables and coaxial shield cable.



Trace energized lines up to 300 V AC or V DC 100 V → 125 V ac (X1000 Transmitter)
Range 1-3’ from a cable being traced R1000 Receiver

What’s Included

  • X1000 Transmitter
  • R1000 Receiver
  • Connection cables
  • Carrying case
  • Batteries (installed)


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