Amprobe ELS2A AC Current Clamp Accessory

  • Measures current without splitting AC line cords
  • Two measurement loops for increased sensitivity, X1 and X10
  • Built-in voltage measurement points to check for voltage sags and surges
  • Rated for 120 V, 15 Amps


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The ELS2A is for use with all models of clamp meters. It enables the user of a clamp meter to measure the current on a 2-wire or 3-wire power cord to 15 A without having to cut off the plug and separate the conductors, or opening electrical boxes on 120 V lines. The ELS2A also includes a 10X current multiplier loop for increased sensitivity and accuracy of low-current measurements.


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3 reviews for Amprobe ELS2A AC Current Clamp Accessory

  1. Zack

    Product seems to be manufactured robustly.

    The ELS2A AC Current Clamp, as an initial impression, seems to be built solidly. I have used it a few times so far and it has given me the readings I expected it to provide.

    Time will reveal its characteristics as an electrical tool.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  2. Supertech

    Great design and rugged construction

    This little jewel proved invaluable in calculating power consumption levels so we could balance our load much better.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  3. Betta

    Unit is H.D.

    Works good, good construction, made in taiwan.
    It would be nice if it would work up to 20A
    Holes for V test are a little small, some leads
    will not fit in.
    Would be nice if it was CAT rated.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

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