Amprobe AMP-320 600A AC/DC TRMS Motor Maintenance Clamp Meter

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  • Measures AC/DC Current to 600 A and AC/DC Voltage to 600 V
  • Measures temperature from -40 °F to 752 °F, (-40 °C to 400 °C)
  • Measures DC Microamps output to test proper operation of the flame sensor on gas appliances
  • Measures capacitance, test diodes, and features a continuity beeper
  • Tests 3-phase sequence and motor rotation to ensure proper connection of a motor to a 3-phase system
  • Monitors inrush current during motor start-up
  • Features True-RMS sensing for accurate voltage measurements in noisy electrical environments
  • Amp-Tip function delivers precise low AC current measurements – 0 to 60 A
  • Includes a low pass filter to accurately measure voltage and current on variable frequency drives
  • Provides resistance and continuity measurement capabilities to verify the quality of electrical connections and the proper operation of motor and transformer coils
  • Provides data hold, relative zero, and MAX/MIN/AVG mode for quick analysis
  • Maximizes battery life with auto power off and low battery indicator
  • Backlit display for easy measurement viewing in bright and dim environments
  • CAT III 600 V safety rated
  • Accommodates conductors up to 1.37 inches (35 mm)

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Whether you need an amp clamp for HVAC, general electrical or motor testing applications, the AMP-320 Clamp Meter, with its large backlit display, has the features you need. HVAC technicians will find the temperature and capacitance measurements they need plus DC Microamps for testing flame sensors. It also had core motor testing capabilities such as motor rotation, 3-phase sequence testing, and inrush current measurement for motor start-up monitoring. The low pass filter allows you to accurately measure current and voltage on variable frequency drives. The Amp-Tip function allows for precise measurement of current down to the tenth of an Amp, enabling accurate current measurement of both large and small diameter wires. It also offers a full range of standard multimeter features, including AC/DC current, AC/DC voltage, frequency, True-RMS, non-contact voltage detection, resistance, continuity and a CAT III 600 V safety rating.

Additional information

Safety Rating



AC Voltage (V)

600 V

DC Voltage (V)

600 V

AC Current (A)

600 A

DC Current (A)

600 A




Frequency (Test Leads)

Frequency (Jaw)

Relative Zero


Diode Test

Continuity Beeper

Non-Contact Voltage



Phase Rotation Indication

Motor Rotation Test

Inrush Current


Data Hold

Auto Power-Off



Low Pass Filter


FEATURE AMP-210 AMP-220 AMP-310 AMP-320 AMP-330
AC voltage (True-rms) Range: 0 to 600.0 V 0 to 1000.0 V
Accuracy: ±1.0% + 5LSD (50 to 60 Hz) ±0.8% + 5LSD (50 to 60 Hz)
DC voltage Range: 0 to 600.0 V
Accuracy: ±1.0% + 5LSD
AC+DC voltage Range: 0 to 600.0 V 0 to 600.0 V 0 to 1000.0 V
Accuracy: ±1.2% + 7LSD (50 to 60 Hz) ±1.2% + 7LSD (50 to 60 Hz) ±1.0% + 7LSD (50 to 60 Hz)
±1.8% + 7LSD (DC 40 to 200 Hz)
±1.2% + 7LSD 200 to 400 Hz)
AC current Range: 0 to 600.0 A
Accuracy: ±1.8% + 5LSD (50 to 60 Hz)
±2.0% + 5LSD (100 to 400 Hz)
DC current Range: 0 to 600.0 A 0 to 600.0 A 0 to 1000.0 A
Accuracy: ±2.0% + 5LSD (DC 50 to 100 Hz) ±2.0% + 5LSD (DC 50 to 100 Hz) ±1.8% + 5LSD (DC 50 to 100 Hz)
AC+DC current Range: 0 to 600.0 A 0 to 600.0 A 0 to 1000.0 A
Accuracy: ±2.2% + 7LSD (DC 50 to 100 Hz)
±2.7% + 7LSD (100 to 400 Hz)
±2.2% + 7LSD (DC 50 to 100 Hz)
±2.7% + 7LSD (100 to 400 Hz)
±2.2% + 7LSD (40 to 100 Hz)
±2.5% + 7LSD (100 to 400 Hz)
Precise low current AC Range: 0 to 60.00 A
Accuracy: ±1.5% + 5LSD (50 to 60 Hz) ±1.5% + 5LSD (50 to 60 Hz)
±2.0% + 5LSD (0.00 to 20.00 A, 100 to 400 Hz)
±3.0% + 5LSD (>20.00 to 60.00 A, 40 to 100 Hz)
±3.0% + 5LSD (>20.00 to 60.00 A, 100 to 100 Hz)
Precise low current DC Range: 0 to 60.0 A 0 to 60.0 A 0 to 60.00 A
Accuracy: ±2.0% + 5LSD ±2.0% + 5LSD ±1.5% + 5LSD (0.00 to 20.00 A)
±3.0% + 5LSD (>20.00 to 60.00 A)
Micro amps Range: 0 to 2000 µA
Accuracy: ±1.0% + 5LSD
Frequency Range: 5.00 to 999.9 Hz
Accuracy: ±1.0% + 5LSD (600 V range)
Range: 50.0 to 400.0 Hz
Accuracy: ±2.0% + 4LSD (600 A range)
Resistance Range: 0.0 to 60.00 kΩ
Accuracy: ±1.0% + 5LSD
Capacitance Range: 0.0 to 2500 µF
Accuracy: ±2.0% + 4LSD
Continuity beeper ON ≤ 10 Ω
Off > 250 Ω
(Type K thermocouple)
-40.0 to 752 °F
-40.0 to 400 °C
±1.0% + 3.0 °F (-40.0 to 14.0 °F)
±1.0% + 1.5 °F (>40.0 to 99.9 °F)
±1.0% + 2.0 °F (100 to 752 °F)
±1.0% + 1.5 °C (-40.0 to 10.0 °C)
±1.0% + 0.8 °C (>-10.0 to 99.9 °C)
±1.0% + 1.0 °C (100 to 400 °C)
Non-contact voltage 10 V to 1000 V AC (50 to 60 Hz)
Phase rotation indication Rotation-R for main supply
Rotation-M for motors
Diode test
Jaw opening 1.18 in (30 mm) 1.37 in (35 mm) 1.18 in (30 mm) 1.37 in (35 mm) 2.0 in (51 mm)
Safty rating CAT III 600 V CAT IV 600V
CAT III 1000 V
Special Features
In-rush current
Peak hold (Crest)
Relative zero
Data hold
Auto power off
Work light

*Error does not include Type-K thermocouple errors


AMP-200/300 Series

Learn about the AMP 200 and 300 Series Motor Maintenance Clamps.

What’s Included

  • AMP-320
  • Banana Plug Type-K Thermocouple
  • Test Leads
  • Alligator Clip Set
  • (2) AAA Batteries (installed)
  • Carrying Case


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14 reviews for Amprobe AMP-320 600A AC/DC TRMS Motor Maintenance Clamp Meter

  1. Kahu

    Love this meter!

    I love how rugged this feels when I’m working. I haven’t dropped this one time since I’ve had it. It’s the perfect balance of quality, value, and practical application for my job, and those techs under me that seem to always want to borrow MY stuff… it’s economical enough so that I bought a spare that is available for that without giving up my main one!

    This has all the functions I need, accurate, RMS, etc… I work on HVAC so there’s a myriad of measurements that are necessary from day to day.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  2. JBK1

    Accurate meter

    This meter has helped me do this job for the last 2 years. I use this product several times a week in trouble shooting. We have two Amprobe’s in the company and trust the information we receive from them. The only problem I have discovered is they should have added a timed shut down to save your batteries if you forget to shut off.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  3. Marcusx

    This product makes my electrical life easier

    The Amporbe 600A AC TRMS makes my electrical life easier when I am performing electrical diagnostics on HVAC units. Its made to fit well in my hand with no slips. It is esay to adjust to different settings with just my thumb, allowing me to test various components without stopping to use two hands to change settings. Most of all I can trust amprobe to keep me safe.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  4. Ramos

    Very satisfy with this product.

    This clamp meter is easy to use the display is big enough for me to read. Contraction material are very acceptable good quality.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  5. luppoldh

    Great Meter

    This is an excellent meter for the price. I love the large easy to read display. I carry it with me for every day use on industrial and commercial jobs!

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  6. TimA

    Needs magnet and Lead holder

    This Meter is a nice meter for the price. It needs a magnet and a lead holder on the clamp to make it above and beyond. The batteries that came in the meter did corroded and died within the first 3 weeks of ownership.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  7. Sharpshooter

    Great Bang For The Buck!

    Lightweight, compact, feature rich, easy to use, ergonomic, durable, quality construction, precise, affordable. All traits that are desirable and included, at no extra charge, with this meter.

    The Amprobe AMP-320 is a piece of test equipment that feels good in your hands. A tool you can be proud to show off to your buddies with pride. Its no BS precision ensures my safety as well as allows me to get my job done quickly with no guesswork.

    I wish it were made in the US, but made in Taiwan sure beats made in China in my book.

    The user manual is well written, with clear illustrations.

    The extra accessories included were a nice bonus, and much appreciated.

    I don’t know why you are still reading my review. Go out and get one for yourself… now.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  8. Nate

    great HVAC meter, with a couppe exceptions

    Good meter, and I plan to keep and use it but with some minor mods it COULD be the ultimate HVAC meter.
    1-the capacitance tester function needs a 1/10 digit for the most accurate reading. For example a 10mf capacitor on a meter with a 1/10 digit may read 9.56 and be below the 6% min spec and should be replaced, this meter will just read 9.6 as it’ll round up.
    2- meter should have a Millivolt option for thermocouples and thermopiles.
    3-a magnet is an often overlooked but super valued thing to have for easier hands free troubleshooting.
    4-a lead holder on the amp clamp so you can hold your meter as you take readings around circuitry, plus lead storage would be good.
    5-a fuse! I’ve never blown up a meter but better safe than sorry!

    I would be willing to invest more in a meter that has these things plus what the amp-320 already has.
    Having said these, I’m enjoying the meter, especially 3 phase mode.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  9. Billy3003

    Replacement for a T5

    Out of the package tester looks and feel like a quality instrument. After a few minutes of review all functions worked great. Took it to work and started on standard trouble shooting. Backlit display is great, for testing in ceiling. Look forward to many years of use.

    Electrician, IBEW

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  10. csk0926

    Nothing else like it anywhere!

    I am a Senior Master RV Tech. I work on HVAC, AC/DC power, generators, inverters, converters, engine and drivetrain, you name it. Just finding a quality DC ammeter is difficult enough. Finding one with so many features at such an attractive price point is a dream come true. First, it comes in a handy case that keeps all of the included accessories secure and organized. Next, it fits in my hand like it grew there. Easy one had operation. Love that! The screen is backlit for those cramped, dark spaces. The small wire notch gives more accurate readings on the little stuff. True RMS lets you accurately diagnose issues. No, I haven’t given up my other dedicated instruments, but this little machine can serve as an all in one for the budget conscious, or for when you need to pack light. It is thin and narrow enough to fit in tight spaces and fit in any tool bag. Best clamp on I have ever owned!

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  11. Lewis

    Excellent tool with affordable price.

    I have used mine for a while. Exceptional quality it is made very durable , and as a industrial electrician/controls technician I work in very harsh and demanding environments. The meter is great for trouble shooting anything from a light switch in your house to a three phase motor in a plant. This meter has allowed me to commission and trouble shoot more times than I can count. I highly reccomend this product to other people who work with electricity.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  12. Dj2424

    Easy to use

    Easy to use for motor applications also great for trouble shooting.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  13. Jaychrist

    Best amp clamp ever!

    Works accurately and quickly… also has been sturdy and reliable, would recommend this clamp for sure!

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  14. Cgmaster

    This is the best product on the market! Great tool makes my life so much easier I recommend it to anyone!

    This is the best product on the market! Great tool makes my life so much easier I recommend it to anyone!

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

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