Amprobe AMP-310 600A AC TRMS Motor Maintenance HVAC Clamp Meter

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  • Measures AC Current to 600 A and AC/DC Voltage to 600 V
  • Measures temperature from -40° to 752°F, (-40° to 400°C)
  • Measures DC Microamps output to test proper operation of the flame sensor on gas appliances
  • Measures capacitance, test diodes, and features a continuity beeper
  • Tests 3-phase sequence and motor rotation to ensure proper connection of a motor to a 3-phase system
  • Monitors inrush current during motor start-up
  • Features True-RMS sensing for accurate voltage measurements in noisy electrical environments
  • Amp-Tip function delivers precise low AC current measurements – 0 to 60 A
  • Includes a low pass filter to accurately measure voltage and current on variable frequency drives
  • Provides resistance and continuity measurement capabilities to verify the quality of electrical connections and the proper operation of motor and transformer coils
  • Provides data hold, relative zero, and MAX/MIN/AVG mode for quick analysis
  • Maximizes battery life with auto power off and low battery indicator
  • Backlit display for easy measurement viewing in bright and dim environments
  • CAT III 600 V safety rated
  • Accommodates conductors up to 1.18 inches (30 mm)

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Whether you need an amp clamp for HVAC, general electrical or motor testing applications, the AMP-310 Clamp Meter, with its large backlit display, has the features you need. HVAC technicians will find the temperature and capacitance measurements they need plus DC Microamps for testing flame sensors. It also had core motor testing capabilities such as motor rotation, 3-phase sequence testing, and inrush current measurement for motor start-up monitoring. The low pass filter allows you to accurately measure current and voltage on variable frequency drives. The Amp-Tip function allows for precise measurement of current down to the tenth of an Amp, enabling accurate current measurement of both large and small diameter wires. It also offers a full range of standard multimeter features, including AC current, AC/DC voltage, frequency, True-RMS, non-contact voltage detection, resistance, continuity and a CAT III 600 V safety rating.



Winner — NECA Showstopper 2015

Additional information

Safety Rating



AC Voltage (V)

600 V

DC Voltage (V)

600 V

AC Current (A)

600 A




Frequency (Test Leads)

Frequency (Jaw)

Relative Zero


Diode Test

Continuity Beeper

Non-Contact Voltage


Phase Rotation Indication

Motor Rotation Test

Inrush Current


Data Hold

Auto Power-Off



Low Pass Filter


FEATURE AMP-210 AMP-220 AMP-310 AMP-320 AMP-330
AC voltage (True-rms) Range: 0 to 600.0 V 0 to 1000.0 V
Accuracy: ±1.0% + 5LSD (50 to 60 Hz) ±0.8% + 5LSD (50 to 60 Hz)
DC voltage Range: 0 to 600.0 V
Accuracy: ±1.0% + 5LSD
AC+DC voltage Range: 0 to 600.0 V 0 to 600.0 V 0 to 1000.0 V
Accuracy: ±1.2% + 7LSD (50 to 60 Hz) ±1.2% + 7LSD (50 to 60 Hz) ±1.0% + 7LSD (50 to 60 Hz)
±1.8% + 7LSD (DC 40 to 200 Hz)
±1.2% + 7LSD 200 to 400 Hz)
AC current Range: 0 to 600.0 A
Accuracy: ±1.8% + 5LSD (50 to 60 Hz)
±2.0% + 5LSD (100 to 400 Hz)
DC current Range: 0 to 600.0 A 0 to 600.0 A 0 to 1000.0 A
Accuracy: ±2.0% + 5LSD (DC 50 to 100 Hz) ±2.0% + 5LSD (DC 50 to 100 Hz) ±1.8% + 5LSD (DC 50 to 100 Hz)
AC+DC current Range: 0 to 600.0 A 0 to 600.0 A 0 to 1000.0 A
Accuracy: ±2.2% + 7LSD (DC 50 to 100 Hz)
±2.7% + 7LSD (100 to 400 Hz)
±2.2% + 7LSD (DC 50 to 100 Hz)
±2.7% + 7LSD (100 to 400 Hz)
±2.2% + 7LSD (40 to 100 Hz)
±2.5% + 7LSD (100 to 400 Hz)
Precise low current AC Range: 0 to 60.00 A
Accuracy: ±1.5% + 5LSD (50 to 60 Hz) ±1.5% + 5LSD (50 to 60 Hz)
±2.0% + 5LSD (0.00 to 20.00 A, 100 to 400 Hz)
±3.0% + 5LSD (>20.00 to 60.00 A, 40 to 100 Hz)
±3.0% + 5LSD (>20.00 to 60.00 A, 100 to 100 Hz)
Precise low current DC Range: 0 to 60.0 A 0 to 60.0 A 0 to 60.00 A
Accuracy: ±2.0% + 5LSD ±2.0% + 5LSD ±1.5% + 5LSD (0.00 to 20.00 A)
±3.0% + 5LSD (>20.00 to 60.00 A)
Micro amps Range: 0 to 2000 µA
Accuracy: ±1.0% + 5LSD
Frequency Range: 5.00 to 999.9 Hz
Accuracy: ±1.0% + 5LSD (600 V range)
Range: 50.0 to 400.0 Hz
Accuracy: ±2.0% + 4LSD (600 A range)
Resistance Range: 0.0 to 60.00 kΩ
Accuracy: ±1.0% + 5LSD
Capacitance Range: 0.0 to 2500 µF
Accuracy: ±2.0% + 4LSD
Continuity beeper ON ≤ 10 Ω
Off > 250 Ω
(Type K thermocouple)
-40.0 to 752 °F
-40.0 to 400 °C
±1.0% + 3.0 °F (-40.0 to 14.0 °F)
±1.0% + 1.5 °F (>40.0 to 99.9 °F)
±1.0% + 2.0 °F (100 to 752 °F)
±1.0% + 1.5 °C (-40.0 to 10.0 °C)
±1.0% + 0.8 °C (>-10.0 to 99.9 °C)
±1.0% + 1.0 °C (100 to 400 °C)
Non-contact voltage 10 V to 1000 V AC (50 to 60 Hz)
Phase rotation indication Rotation-R for main supply
Rotation-M for motors
Diode test
Jaw opening 1.18 in (30 mm) 1.37 in (35 mm) 1.18 in (30 mm) 1.37 in (35 mm) 2.0 in (51 mm)
Safty rating CAT III 600 V CAT IV 600V
CAT III 1000 V
Special Features
In-rush current
Peak hold (Crest)
Relative zero
Data hold
Auto power off
Work light

*Error does not include Type-K thermocouple errors


AMP-200/300 Series

Learn about the AMP 200 and 300 Series Motor Maintenance Clamps.

What’s Included

  • AMP-310
  • Test leads
  • Alligator clip set
  • Banana plug K-type thermocouple
  • Batteries (installed)
  • Carrying case


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12 reviews for Amprobe AMP-310 600A AC TRMS Motor Maintenance HVAC Clamp Meter

  1. sknight

    A few improvements could make this a great meter

    The first thing you’ll notice right out of the box is just how light this meter is. It almost feels like a toy, but this is one of the features that you’ll grow to love the most. The rubberized coating that covers the meter gives it a very nice feel, especially on the selector knob. The knob has a very solid feel to it and feels quite durable. The weak point is the display. Although very large it is quite dim and contrast is lacking, especially when looking at it straight on or slightly downward. Turning on the backlight makes this effect even worse. Backlight is adequate but only stays on for 30 seconds ( not enough time). Test leads are not bad but the connectors that push into the meter are of standard length and this meter is very slim, causing the connector to not fit flush. The leads should be made specially for this meter. The functionality of the meter is very good, fast and accurate responses. Capacitance is by-far the fastest and most accurate I have seen on any meter. I really like having inrush amps and Min/Max/Avg. recording. And the amp tip feature is a very nice touch also.For some reason the Hz feature (thru the clamp) does not work unless you have a 20 amp or higher load. I don’t know what’s up with that and I think it’s something that Amprobe needs to address. I do like using this meter for my HVAC work but i am VERY disappointed with the quality of the Lcd display. At this price range we DESERVE much better.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  2. Choclair

    Great size, excellent features.

    I’ve been using this meter for approximately 3 months now in a commercial/industrial HVAC setting.

    I really like the size and feel of the clamp meter, It is ideal for service technician use as it doesn’t weigh down your bag very much and takes up little space. I’ve tested the accuracy of the meter against my precision digital multimeter through a series of tests including AC/DC volts, resistance, temperature, capacitance and amperage. The AMP-310 performed very well and was exceptionally close in terms of accuracy.

    The test lead wires are basic vinyl, the leads themselves have a really nice feel (silicone?) to them. Strain relief is ok, the alligator clips are well made and clamp on securely. It’s great that they are included.

    The over sized display is ideal, the backlight is adequate but it times out much too quickly. (only 30 seconds) Viewing angles are average.

    I am a little critical of the storage/carrying case, it just doesn’t fit the meter very well as it seems to be too wide. Almost as though it was made for a DMM and adapted to the AMP-310. It does have an internal pocket / strap and does hold all the accessories nicely. Just doesn’t fit in my tool bag very well.

    My favorite features of this meter are:
    Selector switch is excellent, good feel, construction- probably the best I’ve used on a clamp meter. (I have had a number of meters over the years)

    The amp tip on the clamp is really quite nice, offering high accuracy readings on single wires.

    Display size is excellent

    Least favorite features of the meter are:
    Carrying case doesn’t quite match the meter

    Fast timeout of backlight

    I trust this meter in the field and look forward to using it for many years.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  3. MikeB

    Great features.

    I’ve been using this meter for about two months. I am an industrial maintenance electrician. I bought it especially for the motor rotation checking feature and it works well. I also like that it reads frequency and amps on VFD drive outputs. It is also nice to have an extra temperature probe. I just bought the HVAC model because I already had an AC/DC amprobe good to 1000 amps.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  4. Rich12

    Great product

    Very easy to use and compact
    Keep making quality products
    I have used Amprobe products for many years
    Never had any issues

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  5. 1234

    No inrush current and capacitance measurements are problematic.

    I paid about $150, but it just doesn’t live up to expectations. Its an HVAC meter but capacitance readings are way off. Probably because of the 1.5v batteries, most good meters use 9v. Experimented and compared to readings from a Fluke 116 and an Amprobe ACDC 54nav, the capacitance readings with this meter were all over the place. This leaves doubt as to the reading it finally displays is correct?This meter won’t/can’t do inrush LRA current. But it does do three phase rotation and has a third lead to make this easy. It is a nice option but I have never had to use it before.
    I would put this meter on below a UEI 379 [I also own one of these] which is less expensive and does capacitance real accurately.
    I was not able to use or rely on this meter and returned it to Amazon. I found a well priced Amprobe ACD 51nav and so far I am very happy with it. I would recommend that meter, I can’t recommend this one.

    ✘ No, I do not recommend this product

  6. Amprobe

    We’re sorry to hear your tool did not meet your expectations. We will reach out directly to investigate why your readings varied.

    The battery should not affect the capacitance measurement performance.

    Regarding LRA current, the AMP-310 can measure in-rush RMS value of start current. Our AMP-330 can do both in-rush RMS and in-rush peak.

    Thank you for your feedback!

  7. Chasp56

    Easy to use,also big plus on testing capacitors

    Would highly recommend this tester, compact design and soft case makes it easy to carry

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  8. Joejack23

    Best meter I’ve usee

    This meter is one of the best most accurate around

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  9. Bobo

    Has everything I need for troubleshooting

    This meter has all the features needed for testing/troubleshooting in the HVAC/R Field.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  10. Eric

    Great Meter

    Nought this meter about a year ago and love it. Use it daily and have had not trouble with accurate readings.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  11. Rtriepke


    One of the best clamp meters I have owned. This product I will recomend to anyone who is in the market for a good clamp meter.

  12. Riley01

    Love the rotation meter

    Brought this to replace one that shorted out during Hurricane Florence, and couldn,t be repaired, loved all features so brought another, and three weeks later I was on Hurricane Michael in Panama City Fla. restoring the power grid mainly used rotation meter when rebulding the transformer banks that were running on generators Great product just be careful using in heavy rain storms, and store in a waterproof bag

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  13. William Wagner

    I have been having my AMP-320 for about two years now. I always keep it in the case that was provided.About a year ago the outer red rubber started to get gummy and sticky. It has now smeared all over the screen which causes me to clean the screen off regularly. Function wise, i love the unit and always use the three phase rotation testing feature. I do wish that the unit could read milli-volts which is something I test daily on lots of the equipment i work on. If anyone has any suggestions on how to correct the red rubber melting problem, please post a solution. Thanks Billy

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