Amprobe AMB-55 Industrial High-Voltage Insulation Tester

Amprobe AMB-55 Industrial High-Voltage Insulation Tester

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Eliminate downtime, predict the lifetime of equipment and reduce safety hazards with the Amprobe AMB-55 Insulation Resistance Tester that tests voltage and step voltage to 5,500 V.

You can accurately test cables, transformers, motors, surge arrestors and generators in noisy environments such as high voltage switchyards. It also boasts built-in noise rejection filters and shielded test leads to provide high EMI immunity.


High Voltage Insulation Resistance Tester

Don’t be caught off guard by deteriorating electrical insulation with AMB high voltage resistance testers.

What’s Included

Included Accessories:   Test lead,large jaw alligator clips, batteries, users manual,carrying case,software,RS-232 cable, USB cable


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1 review for Amprobe AMB-55 Industrial High-Voltage Insulation Tester

  1. Lombard

    Nice unit but unreliable

    I bought this units, the specs are very nice, I love the shielded cables, but after a few months the pushbuttons began to fail, now the unit is not even generating high voltage and warranty just expired, heard that several users have the same problem, avoid this and the 10 KV unit

    ✘ No, I do not recommend this product

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