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Amprobe AM-500 DIY-PRO Digital Multimeter

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This versatile, easy-to-use digital multimeter is a great choice for homeowners or office maintenance staff. Use it to check for voltage in receptacles, extension cords, light fixtures, batteries, and other electrical circuits. Or check fuses, light bulbs, and continuity of electrical connections. You can even use it to verify the voltage level of automotive batteries and troubleshoot electrical problems in cars. With its user-friendly digital multimeter features like autoranging and a CAT III safety rating, the AM-500 will save time and increase measurement confidence.

AM-500 AM-510 AM-520 AM-530 AM-560 AM-570

Multimeter Type Auto-ranging Com / Res HVAC Electrical Adv. HVAC Industrial
Safety Rating Safety CAT III 600V CAT III 600V CAT III 600V CAT III 600V CAT IV 600V
CAT III 1000
CAT III 1000
Measure voltage in noisy environments True rms

Electrical panels, AC outlets AC Voltage (V) 600 600 600 600 1000 1000
DC systems, auto/marine batteries DC Voltage (V) 600 600 600 600 1000 1000
AC Current - electrical panels, appliances AC Current (A) 10 10 10 10 10 10
DC Current-electronics, DC motors DC Current (A) 10 10 10 10 10 10
Specified resistance and continuity Resistance (MOhms) 20 40 40 40 60 60
Flame sensors Microamps
Diodes in AC to DC converters Diode Test
Fuses, lightbulbs, wire connections Continuity
Household batteries Battery test

Motor startup or run capacitors Capacitance
Frequency verification Frequency
Non-contact voltage test Non-contact voltage
Electrical load-time on vs time off Duty cycle

Temp of air vents, fuses, transformers Temperature inputs

1 1 2 2
Automatically selects measurement range Autoranging
Manually select measurement range Manual ranging
Voltage on variable frequency drives Low pass filter

Detect stray voltages Low Z

Dimly lit areas Built-in flashlight
Meter resolution LCD Counts 2,000 4,000 4,000 4,000 6,000 6,000
Dimly lit areas Backlight
Monitoring fast changing signals Bar graph

Two relative measurements on one screen Dual display

Data memory Data hold
Difference between two measurements Relative reading
Max/min peak measurement Max/min hold

Specialized signal measurements Peak hold (crest)

Amprobe AM-500 DIY-PRO Digital Multimeter 5 5 8 8
Stop right here! After using this meter I can say that without a doubt it is the best one I have ever joke! I have been in the service industry for over 20 years and have had to test and repair a lot equioment over the years. What I like about this meter is it accurate every time and very simple to use. You several ranges (Auto) that you can choose from which makes it nic when you are working on a high and low voltage sytem. I recommend this meter to everyone now. DOn't waste your money on another brand this is the one you want! April 14, 2012
Outstanding features I have used amprobe for many years. This is another outstandinf amprobe with great features. March 30, 2012
Stands up to the tesand everyday work This is a very good helping hand in the field, a bit pricey but is awesome tool to have, something you can rely on. March 29, 2012
AM 500 the Am 500 is a great tool i practically use it every day. it is easy to use,very rugged ,and the read out is excellent March 29, 2012
This product is great for your needs the AM-500 covers a lot of needs without having to find any other device. It is a little bit costly but it's worth in the long run. March 29, 2012
This product is easy to use and robust looking. This multimeter is very easy to use and looks very professional. it is a bit more expensive than what I wanted to spend, but it is worth it. I really like this product. I would recomment it to anybody that wants quality products. March 27, 2012
Great product for HVAC/R Service The AM-500 with data hold is an invaluable tool for HVAC/R service work. The auto ranging is especially helpful and time saving. A great meter for a reasonable price. March 26, 2012
nice Red color it works when I use it ,what else do you need a multimeter to do March 26, 2012
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  • Measures voltage to 600V AC/DC, AC/DC current and resistance for residential and office maintenance
  • Audible continuity quickly identifies shorts and open circuits
  • Diode test to verify diode polarity
  • Data hold freezes the reading on the display for further analysis
  • Auto power-off conserves battery life
  • Low battery warning helps avoid losing power in mid-measurement
  • CAT III 600V safety rated to handle residential and commercial office applications
FEATURE AM-500 Best Accuracy
AC Voltage 2.000 V, 20.00 V, 200.0 V, 600 V +/- (1.0 % rdg + 3 LSD)
@ 45 Hz to 400 Hz, 2 V to 200 V ranges
DC Voltage 200 mV, 2.000 V, 20.00 V, 200.0 V, 600 V +/- (0.8% rdg + 1 LSD)
@ 2 V to 200 V ranges
AC Current 200.0 μA, 2000 μA,
20.00 mA, 200.0 mA,
2.000 A, 10.00 A
+/- (1.2% rdg + 2 LSD)
@ 200 μA to 200 mA ranges, 45 Hz to 400 Hz
DC Current 200.0 μA, 2000 μA,
20.00 mA, 200.0 mA,
2.000 A, 10.00 A
+/- (1.0% rdg + 2 LSD)
@ 200 μA to 20 mA ranges
Resistance 200.0 Ω,
2.000 kΩ, 20.00 kΩ, 200.0 kΩ,
2.000 MΩ, 20.00 MΩ
+/- ( (1.0% rdg + 2 LSD)
@ 2 kΩ to 200 kΩ ranges
Battery test 1.5V, 9V +/- (10% rdg + 3 LSD)

For more detailed specifications, please download the product datasheet under the “Resources" tab.
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