Amprobe TMD-55W Wireless Thermometer

  • Backlit triple-display
  • Built in memory, 16 sets, Maximum 1024 data points
  • Data-logging: 128 samples with real-time data per channel
  • Easy Data Recall with up and down key: T1, T2, T1-T2, Time and Memory Location
  • Thermocouple Offset Adjustment
  • REC, MAX, MIN, MAX-MIN, Average, Relative Zero and HOLD functions
  • Resolution 0.1°C/1°C, 0.1°F/1°F
  • Warning beeper with Hi/Lo setting
  • User selectable recording interval
  • Real time clock with calendar
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The Amprobe TMD-55W Thermometer with wireless download capability is a perfect choice for HVAC/R technicians and electricians or for applications that require multi-logging capabilities to monitor and track temperatures. All models feature a backlit triple display, real time clock with calendar and user-selectable recording intervals. Easy data recall using the up and down key.  This model with dual inputs allows for easy super-heat and sub-cool temperature measurements as well as cut-out and in temperature measurements.

Wireless communication is invaluable for applications requiring remote access to the instruments data.


Thermocouple type K K, J K, J, T, E K, J K, J K, J, T, E, R, S, N
Basic accuracy 0.1 % 0.1 % 0.05 % 0.05 % 0.05 % 0.05 % 0.05 % 0.05 %
Number of parameters on the display 1 1 3 3 3 3 3 3
Real time clock – wireless beeper with setting
Wireless transmission
Data capture 125 Samples 128 Samples 256 Samples 128 Samples
Data logger 1024 Points 16000 Points 1024 Points
PC interface Wireless USB Wireless
Thermocouple Type Temperature Range
K-TYPE -328 °F → 2501 °F (-200 °C → 1372 °C)
J-TYPE -346 °F → 2192 °F (-210 °C → 1200 °C)
T-TYPE -328 °F → 752 °F (-200 °C → 400 °C)
E-TYPE -346 °F → 1832 °F (-210 °C → 1000 °C)
R-TYPE 32 °F → 3212 °F (0 °C → 1767 °C)
S-TYPE 32 °F → 3212 °F (0 °C → 1767 °C)
N-TYPE -58 °F → 2372 °F (-50 °C → 1300 °C)


What’s Included

  • TMD-55W
  • USB wireless module
  • Software CD
  • 2-k type thermocouple
  • Batteries (installed)


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1 review for Amprobe TMD-55W Wireless Thermometer

  1. 63rdstreet

    I like it so much that I bought two!

    Works well. Wireless link is easily established. Wireless transmission range is greater than specified (~2X).
    Data logging software is basic but functional (some Engrish). The meter’s multi-function buttons can be somewhat confusing initially, but are ultimately learnable.
    An external power supply is not available. I used this meter with two I/R probes that were inserted inadvertantly into a high static environment. Both probes and one channel on the meter were ruined, but otherwise the meter was still functional. (There is a warning in the instructions about high voltage environments) I bought another TMD-55W as a replacement.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

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