Amprobe TIME-10 Stopwatch

  • Chronograph: 1/100 stop watch, split/lap time
  • Time display: hour, minute, second, day, week day, month and year
  • Alarm function
  • Hourly chime
  • Water resistant


Optimize process phases by analyzing and precisely timing each task. When improving process flow, verify improvement times and cost savings on production floors or assembly lines with precise stopwatches.



Features TIME-10 TIME-20
Normal time Days, month, date, hour, minute, second, AM/PM, 12/24 hours, alarm sign hourly chime
Alarm time Hour, minute, alarm sign hourly chime
Chronograph 1/100 Stop watch max count: 50:59 (Minute : Second) (99/100Sec) 1/100 Stop watch Max lap: 5 Recall: Last 4 max Count: 50:59 (Minute : Second) (99/100Sec)
Count-down Timer Hour, minute, second Min count: 1 Sec Max count: 23:50:59 (Hour : Minute : Second)


What’s Included

  • TIME-10


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