Amprobe THWD-3 Relative Humidity Temperature Meter

(13 customer reviews)

  • Dual display
  • Extended probe stem to easily access air ducts
  • Dew Point
  • Wet Bulb
  • Min/Max readings
  • Data Hold
  • Capacitive sensor with protective cover
  • Auto power off

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The THWD-3 uses a precision capacitance sensor to deliver accurate performance with long term stability. This high accuracy instrument measures the full range of relative humidity from 0% to 100% and features an exceptionally wide ambient temperature measurement range from -4 °F to 140 °F. The sensor is mounted on along shaft extending from the top surface of the unit, making probing into ductwork and hard to reach areas more easy. The large LCD displays two measurements simultaneously with a full range of display options including hold, min, max, dew point (DP) and wet bulb (WB).


Operating conditions: 0 °C to 40 °C
Storage conditions: -10 °C to 60 °C; <70 % RH
Altitude: Up to 2000 meters
Sample rate: 2.5 times per second
Battery: 9 V Battery, NEDA 1604 or JIS 006P or IEC6F22



THWD-3 Relative Humidity and Temperature Meter

Measure the full range of relative humidity from 0 to 100% with the THWD-3 Relative Humidity Temperature Meter.


What’s Included

  • THWD-3
  • Carrying case
  • Batteries (installed)


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13 reviews for Amprobe THWD-3 Relative Humidity Temperature Meter

  1. mike13

    great product

    my house has high humidity in the winter months, i bought this to try and trace the sorce, very accurate.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  2. Smitty66

    Handy meter

    Very handy meter. A must have for a HVAC tech. Quickly reads temperatures. Dry bulb, wet bulb temps. 5 star!

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  3. EMECH

    Great Product

    Very easy to use product that works every time you need it to, We have several of them that we use in teaching our HVAC classes and are very happy with the accuracy and the easy read feature. This tool has passed the ” student abuse” test of everyday operation, they have been dropped, kicked across the shop floor, and left in a walk in freezer, yet they continue to operate as expected.

    Great tool for any HVAC technician

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  4. ZKhan

    Excellent product

    I had a fluke 971 which failed within one year which made me buy this one. It is very fast and accurate.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  5. Sailor1

    Works well.

    I have used the meter in my HVACR business for several weeks and am quite happy with its features and performance.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  6. LMNC

    Questionable Response

    Readout changes very slowly in response to evident changes in the environment.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  7. LabRat

    Great Features!

    Very user friendly and has all features needed to track and record temperature, RH, and Dew Point.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  8. Schoemann

    Easy and accurate

    Being an HVAC/R tech this meter makes my job quicker and easier than the method taught in school. It is easy to use, easy to read and is not prone to breaking.. Well worth the money. Thanks!

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  9. Aaron75

    Works as advertised

    Does a good job tracking temperature, relative humidity, as well as wet bulb.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  10. pyro18


    Been using this meter for years. Highly accurate to aid in diagnosing HVAC problems

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  11. podosqui0

    More than I expected!

    This meter performed even better that I was expecting. Checked readings against a Fluke 971 and it was right on point! Feels nice in hand and the only difference that I see with its bigger brother is the quality of plastic used. Talking about performance, it has been accurate and fast in readings. I totally recommend this meter to anyone in need to get accurate humility measurements.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  12. Ray652

    Great tool

    I’ve used this to replace my fluke that was stolen. The readings have all been very accurate. Great tool for a good price.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  13. Atch

    Solid and accurate temp readings

    I happened to win this meter over at HVAC Shoptalk’s swag Tuesday giveaway!!! With being said, it has earned a spot in my veto. I use it for the high/low feature to take temps across my small refrigeration condenser coil. It’s nice to see a differance in determining if the charge has leaked out on units on closed systems. Not needed so much to me, but seeing WB and DP are neat

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

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