Amprobe TELARIS EARTH-TEST Earth Resistance Tester

  • Earth resistance measurement
  • The integrated constant current measurement principle allows the application in sandy as well in rocky environments
  • Monitoring and display of auxiliary earth and probe resistances
  • Displays of the actual test current
  • Automatic and manual and frequency selection for noise reduction
  • Test voltage pre-selection
  • Clear and large LCD providing the user with an optimum visual indication of both test values and limits
  • Auto power off
  • Earth resistance measurement 2/3 and 4-pole
  • Specific earth resistance measurement in compliance with the Wenner principle


The Telaris Earth-Test can test the ability of soil and grounding connection to conduct electricity and provide an electrical reference point. Good soil conductivity is needed to limit static electricity charge in potentially flammable situations and minimize the voltage difference between power return and earth ground for personal safety. Resistance testing is done by 2-wire, 3-wire or 4-wire testing methods.


Ground resistance 19.99 O, 199.9 O, 1999 O
Ground resistivity
AC Currrent
AC Voltage
Display: 3 digit; LCD; 1999 Count
Meas. rrinciple: Current-voltage measurement
Earth resistance: 0.05…19.99 O/ 0.01 O 20…199.9 O / 0.1O; 200…1999O / 1 O
Tolerance: ±(4% rdg.+2 Digits / 0.1O )
Probe/aux. resistance: 0.1…50 kO; / 0.1 kO
Tolerance: ±(10% rdg.+3Digits)
Test current display: 0.1…13 mA / 0.1 mA
Tolerance: ±(10% rdg.+3 Digits)
Max. test current: Approx. 12 mA
Test voltage: Max. 25 V / 50 V AC selectable
Frequency: 127 Hz / 140 Hz selectable
Safety complying with: IEC61010/EN61010/DIN VDE 0411 IEC61557/EN61557/DIN VDE 0413
Overvoltage category: CAT III / 300 V
Pollution degree: 2
Power supply: 6 x 1.5 V, IEC LR6

What’s Included

  • Connection cables
  • Carrying case
  • Batteries (installed)


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2 reviews for Amprobe TELARIS EARTH-TEST Earth Resistance Tester

  1. rottonlyn72

    This product is very handy in the field

    This product is very easy to use. Always has correct readings.Very useful in the field.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  2. GreenGlobalCommunities

    Fast and reliable

    I do utility scale solar installations and i also service older solar systems and the number one problem is bad ground. Tracing down the ground problems can be a difficult task. This particular tool has made my ground fault detection and repair job so easy. I had one job the ground mount solar had 48VDC to 400VDC coming off the racking. It turned out to be around 50 of the solar panels had ground shorts inside the panels them self. I was able to quickly locate the particular the bad Yingli solar panels and replace them with good panels. 50 out of 2,000 panels is a very high failure rate and 400VDC from the equipment ground could kill some one. As part of my job I have to produce detailed reports for grounding and verify the large grounding fields are performing the correct impedance to earth for a safe system. I use to use a goofing hand crank meger tool that could produce high voltage to my wires to check for leaking or ground faults. But it was impossible to produce a quality report with these archaic tools. The high resolution digital measurement this tool provides is so much better and consistent. There is several products like this in the Amprobe line up that do a similar function but this one is pacifically designed for ground to earth validation and reports.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

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