Amprobe TACH-10 Contact and Non-Contact Tachometer

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Amprobe TACH-10 Contact and Non-Contact Tachometer

  • Measures rotational and surface speed
  • User selectable units for contact measurement: RPM, m/min, ft/min, yd/min
  • Non-contact measurement in RPM
  • Digital display
  • Auto power off function
  • Easy to select units and mode functions


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Universal, economical tachometer measuring rotational or surface speed either in contact or non-contact way. Widely used to measure rotational speed of motors, conveyer belts and other moving or rotating systems.


Feature TACH-10
Rotation (non-contact) 10.0 rpm → 99999 rpm
Rotation (contact) 10.0 rpm → 19999 rpm
Surface speed (contact) 1.0000 m/min → 9999.9 m/min
3.0000 ft/min → 30,000 ft/min
LCD size: 15(H)x33(W)mm (0.6 x 1.3 IN)
Battery: 9V battery
Power consumption: 5uA(Idle), 18mA(measurement)
Time base: 4.0Mhz Quartz Crystal
Sampling time: 1 second (>60RPM), >1 second (10~60RPM)
Measure distance: 5~30cm / 2~13 IN (non-contact)
Included accessories: Meter, 9V battery, cone funnel contact tips, reflective tape, users manual

For complete specs please download the product datasheet under the “Resources” tab.



The TACH-10 and TACH-20 tachometers have you covered.

What’s Included

  • Measures rotational and surface speed
  • User selectable units for contact measurement: RPM, m/min, ft/min, yd/min
  • Non-contact measurement in RPM

Included Accessories:   Batteries (installed), users manual, reflective tape


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5 reviews for Amprobe TACH-10 Contact and Non-Contact Tachometer

  1. Chewy1932

    Great features for the price!

    Very simple to use in both contact and non contact features. Great how the display will hold last value instead automatically clearing.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  2. BJJenkins

    Tach10 – Good tool; Customer Support, lacking

    While testing the Tach10 when first purchased, it worked great. Both digital and contact. When using it on a 60 horsepower motor on the roof, it stopped responding. With some patience, I figured out that the Tach10 would work in some areas of the roof but not others. Obviously some sort of interference. 3 weeks ago today, I sent support an email. Still no response. I’m disappointed more than angry. I recommend the tool, not the support team.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  3. DairyD

    Doesn’t always work

    Have used several times but have not found it to be reliable , tried to use during critical down times with no readings.

  4. Jigar Gandhi

    Very poor performance observed. not reliable tool. Meter always shows 0 RPM in sun light i.e. not working in sunlight. Do you have any solution for this problem. We have bought 04 nos digital RPM meters but not reliable. Very disappointed product.

  5. Josh

    Very poor, have tried multiple times to measure using photo tach, even in a dim shop using the photo tape it works about 1 of 1000 times. Junk for costing twice as much as other ones and the design of it is very poor. No case, a screw you have to remove and hold onto, won’t change units once you take the contact adaptor off. Even in the shade in my picture, won’t work, not even holding the photo tape in my hand away from anything else.

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