Amprobe SOLAR-100 Solar Power Meter

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  • Measures the solar power and transmission up to 2000 W/m2, 634BTU / (ft2xh)
  • Power mode – measurement of the power per unit area of incident solar radiation
  • Transmission mode – calculates the solar power transmission percentage of the material for example how much solar power in % will be transmitted through the window
  • Convenient to read display with remote sensor technology
  • Selectable measurement units either W/m2 or BTU / ( ft2 x h)
  • Data hold
  • Max/min functions to indentify locations with maximum or minimum power
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Optimize the placement of solar systems and verify window efficiency. The SOLAR-100 measures solar output that is used to calculate overall energy, efficiency and placement of solar systems.


  • Windows performance – calculation and verification of the heating or heat reduction caused by direct sunlight
  • Solar radiation measurements
  • Solar power research for location of the solar panels or solar water heater
  • Physics and optical laboratories
  • Meteorology
  • Agriculture


Features SOLAR-100
Solar power Up to 2000 W/m2, 634 BTU/(ft2xh)
Data hold
Display: 3½ digits, 2000 readings
Range: 1999 W/m2, 634BTU / (ft2xh)
Battery: 1 X 9V Alkaline battery (NE DA 1604A, IE C 6LR61) included



Solar Analyzers

Go green with Amprobe SOLAR test and analyzer tools.

What’s Included

  • SOLAR-100
  • Battery (installed)
  • Carrying case


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2 reviews for Amprobe SOLAR-100 Solar Power Meter

  1. TonyM61

    A great instrument

    This is an excellent device for quick measurements of irradiance out in the field. I was suprised that it can measure BTU’s as well as headlight brightness and window tint.
    It can also demonstrate the advantages of tracking and the effects of cloud cover to students. Great value for the money.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  2. shellsonus

    A smart choice

    In a time where many people are looking to renewable energy to cut down cost, having the right tools help optimize output. This handy tool is easy to read making it essential for solar projects.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

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