Amprobe PM55A Pocket Multimeter with VolTect™ Non-Contact Voltage Detection

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  • AutoTect™ feature directs the meter to know if it is measuring AC or DC volts or resistance with no user interface
  • The AutoTect™ feature has lower input impedance which zeros out ghost voltages
  • Measures AC/DC current, capacitance, frequency, continuity with beeper
  • Voltect™ feature is a built-in, non-contact voltage detector
  • Power supply 3 V standard button battery x 1 (IEC-CR2032; ANSI-NEDA-5004LC)
  • Automatic power off
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The Amprobe PM55A is the ultimate pocket-sized multimeter. Only 3/8″ thick and less than 3 oz in weight with full functionality offering AC and DC voltage measurement to 600 V, AC and DC current to 2000 μA, resistance to 6 Megohm, capacitance to 2000 μF, frequency to 30 kHz, diode test and continuity with beeper. It also offers VolTect™, a built-in, non-contact voltage detection feature for AC voltages.

Another key feature of this pocket multimeter is AutoTect, which automatically selects between AC and DC voltage, or resistance measurement based on the test point to which the leads are connected. Fully auto ranging, this meter offers nine different measurement functions plus features that are usually found in much more expensive and larger meters.

The digital display is oversized with large digits and unit icons in the display. In spite of its size, this pocket multimeter is fully safety rated to CAT III 300 V, CAT II 600 V and is UL listed. No other meter this small offers such performance and high safety ratings.

Additional information

Safety Rating

CAT II 600 V

AC Voltage (V)

600 V

DC Voltage (V)

600 V

AC Current (A)

2000 µA

DC Current (A)

2000 µA




Diode Test

Continuity Beeper

Non-Contact Voltage


Data Hold

Auto Power Off


Voltage AC/DC 400.0 mV, 4.000 V, 40.00 V, 400.0 V, 600 V 6.000, 60.00, 600.0 V
Resistance 400.0 O, 4.000 kO, 40.00 kO, 400.0 kO, 4.000 MO, 40.00 MO 600.0 O, 6.000 kO, 60.00 kO, 600.0 kO, 6.000 MO
AC/DC Current 400.0 µA, 2000 µA
Frequency 400 Hz, 4 kHz, 40 kHz, 400 kHz, and 1 MHz 10.00 Hz → 30.00 kHz
Capacitance 500.0 nF, 5.000 µF, 50.00 µF, 500.0 µF, 3000 µF 100.0 nF, 1000 nF, 10.00 µF, 100.0 µF, 2000 µF
VolTect™ Non-Contact Voltage Detection



PM-55A, Compact Digital Multimeter   

All the juice of a full-size meter packed in the PM-55A Compact Digital Multimeter.

What’s Included

  • PM55A
  • Carrying case
  • Battery (installed)


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13 reviews for Amprobe PM55A Pocket Multimeter with VolTect™ Non-Contact Voltage Detection

  1. Honuboy69

    Great size for working up on towers out in the field!

    This little “big” unit is great for working out in the field, when climbing microwave towers 100′ and above, weight and size is very important. The size and reliability of this unit makes it perfect when installing or trouble shooting problems. I “highly” recommend this tool to all my co workers.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  2. Andy

    An excellent meter for the glovebox

    I’ve used this as a backup meter for a few years. It always works great and does the job.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  3. Ziggy

    I carry this tool everywhere

    This meter is so compact yet so versatile. It will fit in your pocket and keep you safe when you need to be. I would recommend it to every handyman.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  4. honeydoer59

    What a time saver

    My brother An Electrician let me borrow his PM55A pocket
    tool and I was hooked. I up graded the whole 2nd story of my old house in a couple of hours. I wanted to keep his Tool
    but ran out and got my own. i keep it in the top drawer and use it all the time. i highly recomend this tool and all the other products in their line.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  5. mikehoppy

    great little tool

    this meter is perfect for small jobs its great as a home tester

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  6. sberlin

    nice product

    Easy to use, well made, and easy to read!!!!
    This is my only product so far by amprobe, but I have a feeling I will buy more!!!

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  7. Jimmix2884

    Easy to use

    It is very is to use. I have used it for awhile for the few things around the house.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  8. chris28761

    this is great for anyone

    i would recomend this to anyone that does any kind of work or repairs around the home. great to have in toolbox. works great and there for that spur of the moment problem

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  9. Tchase

    This product is amazing

    I would reccommond this product to everyone. It is spot on all the time
    And has never failed for me and probably never will.
    overall great tool and one of the best IV seen a while

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  10. pump

    Great value/versatility but could be more durable

    The Amprobe PM55A Pocket multimeter is a great idea and has all of the features anybody electrical would want. It works great and is easy to use.
    It’s a great value for the price (about $70.00)
    However I was concerned about durability of the switches and the no-detachable leads. I would pay more for better quality case and leads

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  11. tbetress

    Great product

    I am an Amateur Radio operator and also like to do all my wiring around my house. I have other meters but this one appears to be one of the best so far. No worries about is it set to AC/DC – etc. I like it as I can put it in my pocket and go. Even great for working on the car. I would highly recommend this product. Well built and with the Non Contact power sensor built it, it is a dream

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  12. BobJ

    Good, small meter, one problem

    The meter overall is a great little meter, small size with case, all of the features I need. It seems to be accurate, except for the 600 ohm range…I think the one I received must be defective. With the leads shorted together, the meter reads somewhere between 3.6 and 4.8 ohms – way too high for the resistance of the leads, and it doesn’t hold steady at one reading. All the other modes/ranges work great. One other slight issue for me is that the Non-contact voltage display is too mundane…just the bars across the screen, I like flashing red lights or something very obvious.

  13. Eman

    Excellent pocket meter for the HVAC tech doing troubleshooting on the fly.

    This is my 3rd pocket meter. The first two were Meterman meters which were the predecessor to the now current Amprobe meter that I have. Both of the previous meters worked well and reliably. It was only because I accidentally stepped on one of the meter leads and broke a tip that I had to purchase a new one. Much to my surprise, I could not find a new Meterman meter. After searching, I found out that Meterman was now Amprobe. The new Amprobe version of the meter is the same as the old Meterman version but with a few minor improvements. My only complaint about the new unit was the carry case which was identical in appearance as the old one but had retention straps too short to secure the meter to the case. I ended up using the carry case from my old Meterman meter.

    All in all a great pocket meter with great functionality for the tech.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

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