Amprobe LM-120 Light Meter

Amprobe LM-120 Light Meter

  • Measure in lux or footcandles, front panel switchable
  • Measuring range to 200,000 Lux or 20,000 foot candles
  • Silicon photodiode sensor and filter
  • Data hold to freeze reading on the digital display
  • Min/max ability to show high and low readings
  • Autoranging plus manual range
  • Zero function to null display before a reading
  • Auto power off to save battery life
  • Includes protective sensor cap
  • Large, 3-1/2 digit display


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Product Highlights

The Amprobe LM-120 light meter measures the visible light from fluorescent, metal halide, high-pressure sodium or incandescent sources. It is a portable, easy-to-use digital light meter designed for simple one-hand operation reading in Lumen (lux) or foot candle (fc) units. The LM-120 measures a wide range of light up to 20,000 fc or 200,000 lux with an accurate, high resolution of 0.01 fc/lux. This unit is Auto-ranging plus manual ranging with ability to Zero out the reading before taking a measurement.

Use the LM-120 light meter to measure the illumination level in the interior and to switch off or reduce or increase the output level of lighting fixtures. Reduce the energy burdenof the building by significantly increasing the efficiency of its lighting system.

One lux is the illumination from a one candela lamp perpendicular to a surface one meter squared at a distance of one meter. One fc is the illumination from a one candela lamp perpendicular to a surface one foot squared at a distance of one foot. 1 foot-candle = 10.764 Lux and 1 lux = 0.09290 footcandles.





Ranging Manual Automatic/Manual
Illumination sensor Silicon photodiode and filter
Range lux 20, 200, 2000, 20000, 200000
Range footcandles 20, 200, 2000, 20000
Calibration point 2854 °K Cosine Angular corrected per JIS C 1609:1993 and CNS 5119 general A class
Data Data hold Data hold, min/max

For complete specs please download the product datasheet under the “Resources” tab.


Light Meters

Maximize your lighting systems efficiency with Amprobe light meters.

What’s Included

  • Measure in Lux or Footcandles, front panel switchable
  • Measuring Range to 200,000 Lux or 20,000 Foot candles
  • Silicon photodiode sensor and filter
  • Autoranging plus Manual Range

Included Accessories:   Batteries (installed), carrying case, users manual


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3 reviews for Amprobe LM-120 Light Meter

  1. Amar



    I have purchase two of LM-120 Light Meter two years ago. In the manual is not stated the calibration period of this product.
    My question is:

    Does this product need a calibration? If yes, how often?

    Than you,

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  2. bookshifter

    versatile and easy to use

    When my old light meter died I took the opportunity to purchase a new one that meet the accuracy and range selections that would meet any current or future lighting audit situation. Having used amprobe multimeters in the past I knew they were a brand I could trust. I particularly like the autoranging feature. This meter is easy to use and meets all my expectations.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  3. scooter

    this product ease of use is simple

    all the features on this meter are easy to use.
    require no special second and third steps required.
    this device is loaded with lots of features and is wide open to ease of use.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

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