Amprobe CR50A Inductance, Capacitance and Resistance Tester

  • Sort, match, QC inspect and verify components, check circuits with this full range capacitance and resistance meter
  • Dual zero adjustments pots to null strays and test leads
  • Special “low ohms” range
  • Oversized, read at-a-glance display
  • Premium test leads with alligator clips
  • “Zero adjust” pots for low ohms and capacitance ranges
  • Low battery indication


Inspect and verify components for quality control by quickly checking circuits with this full-range capacitance and resistance meter.


Features CR50A LCR55A
Resistance 20 O, 200 O, 2 kO, 20 kO, 200 kO, 2 MO, 20 MO 20 O, 200 O, 2 kO, 20 kO, 2 MO, 20 MO
Capacitance 200 pF, 2000 pF, 2 µF, 20 µF, 200 µF, 2 mF, 20 mF 200 pF, 2000 pF, 2 µF, 20 µF, 200 µF, 2 mF
Inductance 200 µH, 2 mH, 200 mH, 200 H
Transistors Hfe, Iceo (NPN, PNP)
Diodes Std (3 V) microwave oven (8 V)
Continuity test
Display: 3-1/2 digit LCD, max reading of 1999
Display update rate: 2.5 /sec, nominal
Power: Standard 9 V transistor battery


What’s Included

  • CR50A
  • Test leads with alligator clips
  • Battery (installed)


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