Amprobe AM-560 Advanced HVAC Multimeter

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  • Measures AC/DC voltage up to 1000 V, AC/DC current, resistance, frequency, capacitance, temperature, and duty cycle
  • Dual thermocouple takes simultaneous temperature readings on low and high side of an HVAC system
  • Low pass filter accurately measures voltage on variable frequency drives
  • Non-contact voltage detection enhances safety
  • Audible continuity quickly identifies shorts and opens
  • Diode test to verify diode polarity
  • Data hold freezes the reading on the display for further analysis
  • Peak hold (crest) captures and holds the peak value of a voltage or current surge
  • MIN/MAX recording records min/max measurements over time to show voltage fluctuations
  • Relative zero mode displays the difference between the actual reading and a stored reference value and may be used with any function or range
  • CAT IV 600 V/CAT III 1000 V safety rated for high voltage environments
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The AM-560 autoranging digital multimeter is specifically designed for advanced HVAC applications. This HVAC multimeter offers a full set of professional digital multimeter features to measure a complete range of electrical parameters and key functions for HVAC applications. Dual thermocouples take differential temperature measurements; a low pass filter enhances accuracy on variable frequency drive measurements; and capacitance can be used to check motor startup capacitors. The AM-560 also features micro amps for flame sensor troubleshooting, non-contact voltage detection, and a CAT IV safety rating.

AM-500 AM-510 AM-520 AM-530 AM-560 AM-570
Multimeter Type Auto-ranging Com / Res HVAC Electrical Adv. HVAC Industrial
Safety Rating Safety CAT III 600V CAT III 600V CAT III 600V CAT III 600V CAT IV 600V
CAT III 1000
CAT III 1000
Measure voltage in noisy environments True rms
Electrical panels, AC outlets AC Voltage (V) 600 600 600 600 1000 1000
DC systems, auto/marine batteries DC Voltage (V) 600 600 600 600 1000 1000
AC Current – electrical panels, appliances AC Current (A) 10 10 10 10 10 10
DC Current-electronics, DC motors DC Current (A) 10 10 10 10 10 10
Specified resistance and continuity Resistance (MOhms) 20 40 40 40 60 60
Flame sensors Microamps
Diodes in AC to DC converters Diode Test
Fuses, lightbulbs, wire connections Continuity
Household batteries Battery test
Motor startup or run capacitors Capacitance
Frequency verification Frequency
Non-contact voltage test Non-contact voltage
Electrical load-time on vs time off Duty cycle
Temp of air vents, fuses, transformers Temperature inputs 1 1 2 2
Automatically selects measurement range Autoranging
Manually select measurement range Manual ranging
Voltage on variable frequency drives Low pass filter
Detect stray voltages Low Z
Dimly lit areas Built-in flashlight
Meter resolution LCD Counts 2,000 4,000 4,000 4,000 6,000 6,000
Dimly lit areas Backlight
Monitoring fast changing signals Bar graph
Two relative measurements on one screen Dual display
Data memory Data hold
Difference between two measurements Relative reading
Max/min peak measurement Max/min hold
Specialized signal measurements Peak hold (crest)


FEATURE AM-560 Best Accuracy
AC Voltage 6.000 V, 60.00 V, 600.0 V, 1000 V +/- (1.0 % rdg + 3 LSD)
@ 45 Hz to 400 Hz, 0 V to 600 V
DC Voltage 600.0 mV, 6.000 V, 60.00 V,
600.0 V, 1000 V
+/- (0.5% rdg + 2 LSD)
@ 6 V to 600 V ranges
AC Current 600.0 μA, 6000 μA,
60.00 mA, 500.0 mA,
10.00 A
±(1.2% Rdg + 5 LSD)
@ 600 μA to 6000 μA ranges,
45 Hz to 400 Hz
DC Current 600.0 μA, 6000 μA,
60.00 mA, 500.0 mA,
10.00 A
±(1.0% Rdg + 2 LSD)
@ 600 μA to 6000 μA ranges
Frequency 60.00 Hz, 600.0 Hz,
6.000 kHz, 60.00 kHz, 600.0 kHz,
6.000 MHz, 60.00 MHz
+/- (0.1% rdg + 3 LSD)
Resistance 600.0 Ω,
6.000 kΩ, 60.00 kΩ, 600.0 kΩ
6.000 MΩ 60.00 MΩ
+/- (1.0% rdg + 2 LSD)
@ 6 kΩ to 600 kΩ ranges
Capacitance 60.00 nF, 600.0 nF,
6.000 μF, 60.00 μF, 600.0 μF, 6000 μF,
60.00 mF
+/- (3.0% rdg + 5 LSD)
@ 600 nF to 60 μF ranges
Temperature -40 ⁰F to 1832 ⁰F
-40 ⁰C to 1000 ⁰C
+/- (1.0% rdg + 12) @ >104 ⁰F to 752 ⁰F
+/- (1.0% rdg + 8) @ >40 ⁰C to 400 ⁰C
Number of temperature inputs Dual Thermocouple
Duty cycle 10.00% to 90.00% +/- (1.2% rdg + 30 LSD) @ 5 Hz to 2 kHz



Amprobe AM-500 Series

Learn about the AM-500 Digital Multimeter Series.

What’s Included

  • AM-560
  • 9V(6F22) x1 battery installed
  • Test leads
  • Type-K probe x 2
  • Temperature adaptor
  • Velcro strap
  • Carrying case


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5 reviews for Amprobe AM-560 Advanced HVAC Multimeter

  1. plumbingpro58

    Great product.

    Bought this when my Fieldpiece went missing. Very happy with the performance and ease of use. Have not received anew inaccurate reading yet.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  2. Miswede

    HVAC mulitimeter

    I purchased this for my work place and I had never bought this item in this brand before. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and workmanship of this multimeter. My field crew is very happy with it’s accuracy and ease of use. I will be buying more as needed

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  3. Boduke

    This product gets the job done

    This dmm have help me diagnose so many issue with the customers cars and the ac in them. It has so many features that some one them I am still learning to use I highly recommend this product to any auto shop

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  4. Deckstein62025

    Great meter

    I work in HVAC and I currently have this meter. I got this after my field piece bit the dust. This meter does everything I need it to do and more. Accurate amp draws and accurate ohm readings. Definitely a satisfied user.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  5. Moeek8209

    Great features and reliable

    My go to meter when I want safety and accuracy. Well made and tough.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

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