Amprobe AF-600 A-Frame Cable Ground Fault Locator

  • Optional accessory for Amprobe UAT-600 Underground Utilities Locator Series
  • Works in conjunction with the UAT-600-T Transmitter
  • Locate cable and wires ground faults, sheath faults or pipeline coating defects (direct contact of the utility with the ground is required to pinpoint a fault)
  • Used to find the point where metal is touching the ground (shield is rusted/rubber buffer is broken) and power is leaking, creating noise on a cable
  • Find the point of leakage around a cable (ground faults are common problems with electric cables) – saves money by pinpointing leakage point
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Advanced technology and digital signal processing makes pinpointing process fast, accurate and unambiguous:
      1. Compass guidance with numeric fault field strength indicates direction to the place of the fault
      2. Distance sensitive left/right guidance guides the user to precisely follow the path of the buried utility
      3. Automatic gain control quickly detects tracing signal and precisely adjust A-Frame sensitivity
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The AF-600 A-Frame cable ground fault finder is specifically designed for the Amprobe UAT-600 Underground Utilities Locator Series. In combination with the UAT-600 Transmitter, it will pinpoint the place where a cable metal conductor (either a sheath or a metallic conductor of the wire) touches the ground. It can also detect other conductors to ground faults such as pipeline coating defects.

CE Certification RCM Certification


Features AF-600 A-Frame
Tracing mode (de-energized) 8 kHz
Locating mode Ground fault locating
Sensitivity (typical) Cable locate mode at 1 meter depth: 10 uA
Fault locate mode: up to 2 MΩ fault
Display backlight Automatic
Audio indication Speaker indicates left/right by pulsed/continuous tone
Compatible transmitter UAT-600-T Transmitter
Display 1.28 in, 128 x 128 BW outdoor LCD display with auto backlight
Update rate Instantaneous
Operating temperature and humidity -4 °F to 122 °F (-20 °C to 50 °C), ≤90% RH
Storage temperature and humidity -40 °F to 140 °F (-40 °C to 60 °C), ≤90% RH
Operating altitude < 6561 ft (< 2000 m)
Pollution degree 2
Water and dust resistance IP54
Drop proof 3.28 ft (1 m)
Power supply (6) 1.5 V AA alkaline batteries
Auto power off 15 minutes idle
Battery life Approx. 60 hours at 70 °F (21 °C) (Typical)
Agency approval CE Certification RCM Certification
Safety compliance IEC 61010-1
CSA/UL 61010-1
Size (H x W x L) Approx. 14 x 9 x 4.7 in (355 x 230 x 120 mm)
Weight Approx. 4.2 lb (1.9 kg) (batteries installed)



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