Amprobe ACDC-54NAV 1000 A AC/DC Navigator Clamp Meter with Temperature

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  • True-rms technology improves accuracy in noisy environments
  • Measures AC/DC voltage to 1000 V, AC/DC current to 1000 A, plus resistance, frequency, capacitance, power and power factor, total harmonics distortion (THD) and individual harmonics from 1 to 25
  • Measures temperature from -58 °F to 1832 °F (-50 °C to 1000 °C)
  • Includes inrush current measurement and phase rotation indication for 3-phase motors
  • Non-contact voltage detection enhances safety
  • Low pass filter allows measurement of voltage and frequency of variable frequency drives
  • Continuity beeper quickly identifies shorts and opens
  • Large backlit digital display with analog bar graph presents the full picture
  • Min, max and smart data hold
  • Peak hold identifies spikes and transients
  • In-jaw flashlight automatically lights when jaws open to illuminate dark panels and junction boxes
  • Auto power off conserves battery life
  • Maximum jaw opening accommodates large conductors up to 1.60″ (45 mm)
  • Rubber overmold body absorbs shocks—drop proof to 4 feet (1.2 m)
  • CAT IV-rated AC/DC current clamp meter
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The ACDC-54NAV clamp-on power meter offers AC/DC current measurements to 1000 A, AC/DC voltage to 1000 V, temperature capabilities, and wide jaws to handle large conductors up to 1.6″ (40 mm) for high voltage industrial environments.

This clamp-on multimeter offers a full range of power quality diagnostics including power and power factor, total harmonics distortion, individual harmonics, in-rush current, phase sequence, TRMS and low pass filter for industrial power monitoring and verifying system conditions.

Additional information

Safety Rating

CAT IV 600 V


AC Voltage (V)

1000 V

DC Voltage (V)

1000 V

AC Current (A)

1000 A

DC Current (A)

1000 A



Frequency (Test Leads)

Frequency (Jaw)

Relative Zero


Diode Test

Continuity Beeper

Non-Contact Voltage

Power (W)


Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

Phase Rotation Indication

Inrush Current


Bar Graph

Data Hold

Peak hold (Crest)

Auto Power-Off

Work light (LED)



Low Pass Filter


AC Current 100.00 A, 600.0 A 100.00 A, 1000.0 A +/- (1.5 % rdg
+ 5 LSD)
DC Current _ _ 100.00 A, 600.0 A _ 100.00 A, 1000.0 A +/- (1.5 % rdg
+ 5 LSD)
AC Voltage 100.00 V, 1000 V +/- (1.0 % rdg
+ 5 LSD)
DC Voltage 100.00 V, 1000 V +/- (0.7 % rdg
+ 2 LSD)
Resistance 1.0000 KO, 10.00 KO, 100.00 KO +/- (1.0 % rdg
+ 3 LSD)
Frequency 20.0 Hz to 10 KHz +/- (0.5 % rdg
+3 LSD)
Capacitance 400.0 µF, 4.000 mF +/- (1.9 % rdg
+ 8 LSD)
DCµA _ 1000.0 µA _ _ _ +/- (1.7 % rdg
+ 2 LSD)
Temperature _ -50 °F → 1832 °F (-50 ºC → 1000 ºC) _ _ -50 °F → 1832 °F (-50 ºC → 1000 ºC) +/- (1 % rdg
+ 0.8 ºC)
THD (total harmonics distortion) 0.1% → 100.0% +/- (3.0 % rdg
+ 10 LSD)
Individual harmonics 1 → 25 _
Power 10 kW → 600 kW 10 kW → 1000 kW +/- (2.5 % rdg
+ 5 LSD)
Power factor -1.00 → 1.00 +/- 3 degrees
Accommodates conductors Up to 1.45″ (37 mm) in diameter Up to 1.60″ (40 mm) in diameter



Navigator Clamp Meters

Take control with the ACD Navigator Clamp Meters.

What’s Included

  • ACDC-54NAV
  • Test leads
  • Batteries (installed)
  • Banana k-type thermocouple
  • Carrying case


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14 reviews for Amprobe ACDC-54NAV 1000 A AC/DC Navigator Clamp Meter with Temperature

  1. BonnsLtd

    Love it

    This may be the 7th multimeter I have had in the past 40 years and it is the best, and it includes power monitoring functions and inrush current measurement and temperature.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  2. fordron61

    clamp meter

    I have been using this amprobe clamp meter for a while and would not concider any other. The features of this meter are easy to use and easy to read. the temp probe addition makes it a great all in one meter.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  3. bwoods

    great tool very usefull

    I am a commercial Plumber and this tool has been very helpful in setting up and diagnosing rooftop HVAC units

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  4. netzener

    The ACD-54NAV is is now my favorite job site meter

    • All-in-one Multimeter, Current Clamp, and Thermocouple Temperature Probe.
    • Extremely rugged construction that will withstand harsh environments.
    • Almost perfect one-handed operation.
    • Good set of included accessories.
    • Non-Contact Voltage feature actually works.
    • Built-In LED Flashlight.

    • Menu system can be confusing. Reading the manual is REQUIRED.
    • Option rotary switch is a bit stiff for one-handed operation.

    The ACDC-54NAV is my favorite meter for the job site where AC/DC testing, verification, and troubleshooting are required. This meter is near perfect for the electrician/engineer that regularly works with residential or commercial HVAC, AC Hydraulics, or DC Telco. I regularly fly to job sites across the country and need a meter that’s small and tough enough to pack in my checked luggage without worrying about it getting broken. The ACDC-54NAV is perfect for this.

    Amprobe claims the ACDC-54NAV will withstand a 4 foot drop. In my opinion that claim is accurate as I have unfortunately dropped mine already from an 8ft step ladder. My meter only has a scuff mark on the yellow clamp housing and still works like new. The exterior is very rigid with a non-slip rubberized wrap-around hand grip that is very comfortable to hold and feels secure. The grip picks up grease and dirt from your hands easily but I was able to clean my meter with a damp towel to remove any grime. The rotary function selector also has a rubberized non-slip coating, which is a benefit because the switch is a bit stiff and requires more thumb force than I prefer. At 13.5 ounces this meter is heavy but very well balanced. Its weight is almost exactly centered over the clamp trigger which for me just where it needs to be for a secure grip. The build quality of the meter is near perfect and inspires a lot of confidence that it’s not going to break anytime soon. I love well engineered products and the Amprobe ACDC-54NAV is impressively made.

    A current clamp is required for the work I do on circuits between 40A and 500A. From my experience the ACDC-54NAV is accurate regardless of how the conductor is oriented in the clamp. The AC inrush current feature makes verifying wire and breaker sizes on HVAC compressors simple. I just attach the clamp, disable the meter’s auto shutoff feature, select the inrush current function, walk away to start the compressor, and walk back to the meter to see the inrush current on the display. The only thing I would like to have that isn’t included is an inrush time measurement so I could verify that motor startup is in spec and help isolate problems with the motor start capacitor or the start switch/relay. The inrush current feature doesn’t work for DC which would have been nice for the Telco power supply work I do on -48V DC circuits. But for AC work it’s one of the best reasons to buy the ACDC-54NAV. The meter is intelligent enough to automatically switch between the AC current function and the DC current function depending on which is present which makes taking measurements in mixed AC/DC environments, like automatic machine tools, less of a switch fiddling hassle.

    Another important testing and certification feature for me is single phase and 3-phase power and power factor measurements which are easy to do accurately with the current clamp and included probe leads. A very nice feature for 3-Phase motors is the phase rotation function that helps make sure hydraulic pumps don’t run backwards after they’re installed. I haven’t worked with variable frequency motors but the ACDC-54NAV includes an AC harmonic feature to assist with evaluating them. For AC testing and troubleshooting this meter does it all.

    I really like the Amprobe Navigator Key which is a joystick-like control that is used with the LCD display to select and configure the options for each meter function. The only complaint I have is that selecting options from the LCD menu sometimes isn’t intuitive. You absolutely must read the manual and practice a bit to become proficient at setting up the more complicated measurements. When I get stuck in the menu system I just turn the meter off and back on to start over.

    The drawback with any current clamp is getting the jaws around a conductor in a tight space. The jaws on the ACDC-54NAV are reasonably sized but you still have to try different positions to get the right orientation that fits on the wire while still allowing the LCD display to be seen. This is where I think the new Amprobe Swivel Clamp will have the advantage because the meter display can be rotated after the conductor is clamped. If you regularly need to work in tight spaces with a lot of wiring the Swivel Clamp would be the better choice.

    When taking DC current measurements, the ACDC-54NAV current clamp has to be zeroed every time it is turned on with a quick 2 second push of the Hold/Zero button. Although this is not a huge inconvenience, it is something you have to remember to do every time you turn the meter on our your DC clamp current measurements may not be accurate. I would have preferred that the meter do this automatically when it is turned on.

    The ACDC-54NAV includes a complete set of probe-based multimeter functions for True RMS AC Voltage, DC Voltage, Resistance, Capacitance, Continuity/Diode check, and AC/DC low current measurements. These are all the features you would find in a good non-clamped multimeter and all functions work within the stated accuracy. The included thermocouple temperature probe is nice to have for point contact measurements at relatively low temperatures like a motor casing. However the probe included with the ACDC-54NAV isnt very rugged and the junction is unsheathed. If you expect to take a lot of temperature measurements in anything other than dry environments I would recommend purchasing a more suitable probe.

    One feature I did not like on the low end Amprobe meters, a non-contact voltage detection called VoltSense, actually works flawlessly on the ACDC-54NAV. I was able to reliably confirm the presense of an AC voltage on wall outlets, power cords, appliances, power supplies, motors, and just about anything else electrical with an AC voltage. DC voltages can also be detected by flicking the clamp past voltage source which flashes the VoltSense LED. This is a great feature for checking for an energized circuit without having to pull out and attach test probes. VoltSense does not detect voltages in walls or at distances of more than an inch from the voltage source.

    The backlit LCD contains both a 4-Digit numeric display for precision measurements and an analog display that makes amplitude varying voltages easier to observe. As with all reflective LCD displays, bright light is better and the readability of the ACDC-54NAV display is amazing with the backlight on. It’s very impressive and I wish it stayed on all the time. However, backlights kill battery life so the backlight is designed to turn on automatically when the clamp is opened and turn off a few seconds after the clamp is closed. The only time the backlight stays on is when a triggered measurement, like inrush current, is in process which is a nice touch. Overall the LCD display is impressive and easy to read.

    The ACDC-54NAV includes an LED flashlight which comes on when the clamp trigger is fully depressed. It’s a great help when working in low light or cramped locations and eliminates having to carry a small flashlight with you on the jobsite. You no longer have to fiddle with the meter in one hand and the flashlight in the other or worse, cramped between your neck and shoulder. However the LED is so bright and comes on so quickly it looks just like a short circuit arc and can be startling until you get used to it. The first time I used the meter and the LED flashlight popped on it scared the bejeezus out of me. I would have preferred that the LED flashlight start from off to full brightness between 500ms and 1 sec in order to distinguish the flashlight from the dreaded electrical arc.

    The ACDC-54NAV comes with a really nice set of test probes. They have a sealed strain relief on each end, insulated tips, a solid barrel, and a rubber grip similar to a fine writing pen. The Amprobe logo is prominent on the probe barrel and very nicely done. The meter end of the test probes are the right-angle type which seems odd given they attach at the bottom end of the meter. Straight connectors might have been a better choice but the test probes included complete the professional look of the entire instrument.

    A zippered, padded black nylon canvas carrying case is included with the ACDC-54NAV. The outside of the case is water repellant while the inside of the case is soft and offers plenty of protection without being too bulky. There is an interior pocket for the probes and manual. Everything fits perfectly in the case which also has a reinforced belt loop so you can carry the ACDC-54NAV around the jobsite easily.

    When you buy an ACDC-54NAV the first thing I recommend is remove and discard/recycle the no-name 9V battery provided with the meter. Replace it with a name-brand Alkaline 9V. Be careful when removing the battery cover because the single screw on the back does not have a retainer clip and will fall out never to be recovered. If you expect to take a lot of temperature measurements, I would recommend buying a better thermocouple probe or consider purchasing an accurate non-contact thermometer like the Amprobe IR-712.

    The ACDC-54NAV is one of the best instruments I have used for the work I do and is now my favorite job site tester when I travel. It has all the features I need and has taken a lot of abuse and isn’t obscenely expensive. I highly recommend the ACDC-54NAV for the electrician or electrical engineer that needs to test and verify AC/DC power equipment in a commercial environment.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  5. PrecisionWorksElectrical

    Awesome CAT IV clamp meter with Power Factor

    I bought the ACDC-54NAV primarily for power factor (PF) readings but now it’s my primary test tool – the Fluke 87-V gets used only when something special needs to be done.

    “Be careful when removing the battery cover because the single screw on the back does not have a retainer clip and will fall out never to be recovered.” The meter now has a circlip retainer that keeps the tiny screw captive.

    “The ACDC-54NAV comes with a really nice set of test probes. They have a sealed strain relief on each end, insulated tips, a solid barrel, and a rubber grip similar to a fine writing pen. The Amprobe logo is prominent on the probe barrel and very nicely done.” Yes & no on the leads. They are very nice with silicone insulated wire and finger stops near the contact end. When two hands are available (most volt/amp/ohm tests) these leads do a good job & they are also rated CAT IV. If you need to clamp the leads onto a conductor or lug you’ll have to purchase Fluke (or equal) CAT IV leads with interchangeable probe ends. I bought the Fluke TL223 & the AC285 so any test could be run. This is common to all meters today … one set of probes is included but you’ll need to purchase more to have a do everything set.

    I spent days searching the web for a CAT IV clamp with power factor & there are only a handful. Most clamps with PF function are CAT III & a CAT III meter does not have the safety features of a CAT IV. If you do energized testing on service entrance panels or main disconnect panels this is the meter to buy. You’ll also need all the arc flash gear for Hazard Level 2* but you’re probably aware of that.

    When I’m suited up in arc flash clothing & wearing 1000 volt gloves the ACDC-54NAV provides peace of mind. I feel very confident placing the clamp around a 480 volt energized feeder since the meter/leads/gloves are all 1000 volt rated. Yes you can do live testing with a CAT III meter but the 600 volt rating provides little cushion on a 480 volt line.

    Great design, easy to use even with voltage gloves. Nothing out there that even comes close.

    ” The only complaint I have is that selecting options from the LCD menu sometimes isn’t intuitive. You absolutely must read the manual and practice a bit to become proficient at setting up the more complicated measurements.” Totally agree. Keep the instruction manual in the case with the meter or grab the manual off the web using a smart phone. Read the manual & then read it again. Run tests around the shop to become familiar with the functions & then go out & use the meter in the field. I’ll bet you’ll like it a lot.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  6. nerdfromplymouth

    great tool

    Great feel, great build quality, great features, excellent price range.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  7. Electrian

    A bit complacatedbut all teachers are here to use

    Meter was delivered in a timely manner . Is a bit complacated to use keep the manual handy! Feels great looks the part seems rugged. Forget the promotion ! Applied for mine and recived excuse that they can’t open the request ! So here ya go No promotion !

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  8. 1234

    Awesome and accurate meter, but no microamp measurement.

    Found this on ebay at too good of a price to pass up. I think this is Amprobe’s top of the line clamp meter, they have four ACD 50-54 models. This one measures both AC and DC with the clamp up to very high values, I think 1000v and 1000amps. It has a three phase rotation measurement although I haven’t used it. It has inrush current LRA measurement and its very accurate. It also measures capacitance very quickly, just as fast as my Fluke 116. I’ve had it a month, I really like it, and there are still things I find out that it can do that I didn’t know about. Many functions so there is a learning curve. I printed out the manual and keep it in a folder.
    The one negative and reason for only four stars is Microamp measurement, or I should say lack of Microamp measurement! It should have been included, how hard would it have been? Its on my ACD 51nav so and its basically the same model. Fluke does this too! They give you every function you need and some you don’t, except one important one.
    Its a good solid meter and many techs just don’t know about Amprobe, so they can be picked up at a great value.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  9. MartHelg77

    Outstanding performance

    Best meter I ever had. Fast measurement. Brilliant display. Rugged. Use mostly for diag. of freq. controlled motors and controllers. You can squeeze the clamps just about anywhere.
    Spend time learning to use the many features, read the manual.
    And you’ll find yourself very apt for any task.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  10. Tkerns3

    Fantastic, accurate meter.

    I use this meter on a daily basis, from a boom lift, a ladder, scissor lift, it’s a fairly large meter, but never slips out of your hand, very nice rubber grip, feels solid, and durable. I work with a few guys who use 87v meters and our reading are almost exactly the same on everything we test. I havent had the amps up to 1000 yet, but I regularly take it over 600A without any issues. The led light on the clamp is not real bright, but just about right if its dark or a dimly lit panel. A lot of coworkers were surprised when I told them that it also reads up to 4000 microfarads. Power factor is also a nice feature on it. If i could change anything, I guess it would be to make the backlight stay on a little longer, in almost 3 years with the 54NAV, the only issue I’ve ran into is the screw spot for the battery cover gave out. If i replace it, I will more than likely replace with the same meter or another amprobe, if similar specs.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  11. Guelo

    This product is excellent

    This product is excellent, it has many funtions like harmonics, power factor etc.

    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  12. Mikeiver

    Outstanding meter. Nothing out there packs so much in such a small unit. Literally does just about every thing including phase rotation! Seriously. CAT III rating has not troubled me when working 480v circuits. Gonna buy another just to hold back for when they discontinue it it is that good. Some complained that it is to complicated, I think not. It is really rather intuitive in all honesty. The only thing I use the manual for is protection of the display.

    One bad thing about it is its hatred of batteries, it eats them alive. Small price to pay honestly for such a fantastic meter.

  13. Tony Quiroz

    I was very interested in its power quality features that I got one to see if I could potentially replace our expensive 3-phase power analyzer with three of these in field tests. Unfortunately the specifications and datasheet are somewhat misleading in its THD capabilities in that it does not say that it is only limited for 60Hz ACI. 0% ofTHD measurements are not available at 400Hz! Any chance Amprobe will make a version for us shipboard and aircraft power folks?

  14. Michael V O’connor

    Had this meter for over 6 years and it has met all needs with aplomb. As it has been pointed out by others it does have one glaring omission. A miliamp function. Other than that it is the most complete meter out there, period. Phase rotation, PF, THD, capacitance, frequency, inrush current, AC/DC current to 1000Amps, temperature, and more. I own one I use day to day and have a new one in storage as a backup. As an electrican I think this is the very best set of features of literally any meter being sold. Period.

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