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HVAC Tools

From simple, one-time checks to advanced wireless instruments to measure temperature, humidity and airflow or check for gas leaks, turn to Amprobe for a complete line of tools designed specifically for HVAC.

Infrared Thermometer Temperature
/ Humidity
Humidity Gas
/ Refrigerant
/ Ultrasonic

Makes non-contact temperature as quick and easy as pointing the laser and pressing a button. Unique pocket-sized model available with additional temperature and flashlight feature-set.

Amprobe IR-750 Infrared Thermometer   Amprobe IR-730 Infrared Thermometer   Amprobe IR-720 Infrared Thermometer

Amprobe IR-750 Infrared Thermometer »


Amprobe IR-730 Infrared Thermometer »


Amprobe IR-720 Infrared Thermometer »

Amprobe IR-712 Infrared Thermometer   Amprobe IR-710 Infrared Thermometer   Amprobe IR-450 Infrared Pocket Thermometer

Amprobe IR-712 Infrared Thermometer »


Amprobe IR-710 Infrared Thermometer »


Amprobe IR-450 Infrared Pocket Thermometer »

Amprobe IR608A Infrared Thermometer with Laser Pointer        

Amprobe IR608A Infrared Thermometer with Laser Pointer »


Amprobe IR607A Infrared Thermometer »




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