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Environmental Testers

When you’ve got a specialized job to do, general-purpose tools won’t do. Whether you’re measuring sound, light, water, time or solar energy, depend on Amprobe for affordable, environmental test solutions.

Sound / Light
/ Moisture
Solar Battery

Choose Amprobe meters to test sound, light, and moisture levels. Make safety compliance checks or perform acoustic analysis using a sound meter.

Monitor and optimize light levels, reduce the energy burden of buildings by significantly increasing the efficiency of the lighting system with a light meter. Or check the moisture content of building materials for water damage or harmful mold growth, using a moisture meter.

Amprobe SM-CAL1 Sound Meter Calibrator   Amprobe SM-20-A Sound Meter   Amprobe SM-10 Sound Meter

Amprobe SM-CAL1 Sound Meter Calibrator »


Amprobe SM-20-A Sound Meter »


Amprobe SM-10 Sound Meter »

Amprobe LM-200 LED Light Meter   Amprobe LM-120 Light Meter   Amprobe LM-100 Light Meter

Amprobe LM-200 LED Light Meter »


Amprobe LM-120 Light Meter »


Amprobe LM-100 Light Meter »

Amprobe LM-80 Digital Light Meter   Amprobe LM631A Digital Light Meter    LT-10 Lamp Tester

Amprobe LM-80 Digital Light Meter »


Amprobe LM631A Digital Light Meter »


LT-10 Lamp Tester »

Amprobe MT-10 Moisture Meter        

Amprobe MT-10 Moisture Meter »


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