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Check out the full line of quality Amprobe accessories

Amprobe offers a wide range of hard-working accessories field tested to help you get the most from all of your Amprobe tools:

  • Rugged test leads of all types and sizes for Amprobe instruments
  • Current transducers for maximum accuracy and safety
  • Temperature accessories for surface, air/gas, or liquid temperature measurements.
  • AC relays for low-voltage control circuits
  • Software, carrying cases, fuses, and more

Product Categories

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Flashlights »
Cutting edge CREE LED technology powerfully illuminates any area. Rugged, waterproof, and drop proof to three feet, they'll last 10 years.
Test Leads »
Compliment any Amprobe tester.
Current Transducers »
Extend the capabilities of Amprobe multimeters.
Temperature Probes »
Allow Amprobe thermometers to make immersion, surface and high-temperature measurements.
Other »
Find an assortment of accessories to maximize the usage of your Amprobe tools.
Relays »
When you need low-voltage control circuits for safe operation in industrial and process control environments, chose these Amprobe low-voltage relays with built-in transformers.

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