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HVAC Tools

Tools designed for HVAC. From simple, one-time checks to advanced wireless instruments to measure temperature, humidity and airflow or check for gas leaks, turn to Amprobe for a complete line of tools designed specifically for HVAC.

Product Categories

Gas Leak Detectors »
Test for methane and propane leaks to keep environments safe, and prevent explosions or gas poisoning.
Refrigerant Leak Detectors »
Make it easy to pinpoint the source of a way range of halogenated refrigerant leaks.
Ultrasonic Leak Detectors »
Help you quickly find leaks in pressurized systems by converting the ultrasonic sound of leaks into an audible tone.
Wireless Temperature and Humidity Testers »
Combine precise, accurate measurement of temperature and humidity with wireless communications up to 80 feet/25 meters to save time and steps.
Thermocouple Thermometers »
Give you a professional way to measure, monitor and log temperature. Eight models let you choose the accuracy and feature set you need.
RTD Thermometers »
Offer superior accuracy and stability. It’s the preferred technology for process environments.
Temperature-and-Humidity-Data loggers »
Help you measure and monitor by recording temperature and relative humidity measurements over time. Download to your PC via USB interface.
Infrared Thermometer »
Makes non-contact temperature as quick and easy as pointing the laser and pressing a button. Unique pocket-sized model available with additional temperature and flashlight feature-set.
Anemometers »
Use the latest science to simply and effectively measure airflow and volume as well as temperature and humidity.
Humidity »
Precisely measure humidity for HVAC, indoor and air quality and environmental applications. Additional feature sets include dew point, web bulb and temperature.

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