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Digital Multimeters

Get the right multimeter for the job. Part of a great value is getting exactly what you need in a tool – nothing more or less. With Amprobe’s broad selection of digital multimeters, you can find the perfect match for any job. From the industrial meters safety-rated for CAT IV electrical environments, to simple pocket-sized meters, Amprobe has a digital multimeter that fits your needs.

Product Categories

Industrial Multimeters »
When you’re working outdoors or on wiring directly connected to main panels or utility transformers, these meters give you both the protection and measurement features you need.
Precision Digital Multimeters »
True-rms, commercial grade digital multimeters offering higher accuracy and more features at a great price.
Pocket Multimeters »
Deliver innovative features in an ultra-compact size that weighs just 3 ounces.
Compact Multimeters »
Save you space and money but don’t scrimp on performance.
Full-Size Multimeters »
Cover a broad range of electronic, electrical, plant maintenance or HVAC applications for professionals. Choose from a full family of models with a rich set of features and functions.
Pen -Style Multimeters »
With a built-in probe let you take measurements one-handed.
General-purpose Multimeters »
Are portable, general tools to cover the electrical basics for home, auto, boat, RV or workshop use.
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