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Our Story

The Amprobe name is synonymous with rugged tools at a great price. Designed to perform and proven in the workplace, Amprobe tools are built tough and priced right.

Amprobe was founded in Long Island, New York in 1948 as the Pyramid Instrument Company. Less than two years later, in September 1950, the company was awarded its first patent for the Clamp-on Inductive Ammeter. It became so well known for these meters, the company name was formally changed to Amprobe Instrument Corporation in 1960. Amprobe was acquired by the Danaher Corporation in 2006 and moved its worldwide headquarters to Everett, Washington.

Over the last six decades, Amprobe has become a leader in quality electrical test tools for industrial, commercial and residential applications. The product line has expanded to more than 500 SKUs worldwide. Amprobe not only invented the first clamp meter and the first wire tracer, but has also been consistently first to market with innovative technology at competitive prices in a wide variety of categories. Today, Amprobe's rugged, well-built products range from an extensive line of clamp meters and digital multimeters, to industry-specific tools that address the needs of professionals in HVAC/R, power quality, water quality and solar energy.

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