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Amprobe CT238A Clamp Accessory

Amprobe CT238A Clamp Accessory
Amprobe CT238A Clamp Accessory
Current Transformer

This current transformer probe measures AC or DC current. Itconverts high current to a low level millivolt signal for inputdirectly into a test instrument. It can be used with standardDMMs, recorders, digital or analog meters, data loggers/DAS,oscilloscopes, or other test and measurement instruments.
  • AC/DC current clamp, 20 A
  • Special “low current” version
  • Zero adjust knob
  • Attached leads and users manual
Max Conductor Size    19 mm (0.75 in)
Lead Length    1.5 m (59 in)
Power    9 V battery, NEDA 1604, JIS 006P, IEC 6F22
Model NameDescription
CT238AAmprobe CT238A Clamp Accessory
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