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AT-6000 Overview

AT-6000 Overview »

Easy to use, the most advanced wire tracer in it's class.
  AT-6000 Trace Wires

AT-6000 How to Trace Wires »

Trace Energized and De-energized wires.
AT-6000 Breaker Identification

AT-6000 Breaker Identification »

The Receiver clearly identifies the correct breaker every time.
  AT-6000 Breaks and Shorts

AT-6000 How to Find Breaks, Opens and Shorts »

Identify the specific location of a fault.
AT-6000 Metal Conduit

AT-6000 How to Trace Wires in Metal Conduit »

Move from junction box to junction box to follow the path of the wire.
  AT-6000 Signal Clamp

AT-6000 How to Use the Signal Clamp »

Induce a signal into a wire through insulation.

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