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Amprobe Wire Locators

Wire Tracers and Underground Cable and Pipe Locators

When you want to make absolutely sure you're digging in the right place, depend on the technology leader: Amprobe. Known for speed, reliability, and accuracy, the Amprobe Underground Cable and Wire Locators will help you get your job done efficiently.

Whether you're looking for a wire (energized or de-energized) in a wall or ceiling, or want to locate buried utilities before you dig, you can depend on Amprobe's best wire tracers to help you get the job done quickly. Known for speed, reliability, and accuracy, Amprobe wire tracers and cable locators set the standard for precision and usability with wire locator tools and underground wire locators.

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NEW! AT-7000 Advanced Wire Tracer »
Get accurate results in minutes with new features and technologies that simplify wire tracing and breaker identification. The Receiver's patented Smart Sensor,™ with its innovative new antenna design and advanced signal processor, clearly displays the location and orientation of energized wires in walls, floors and ceilings on the large color TFT LCD screen. The powerful Transmitter utilizes two optimal frequencies for both energized and de-energized wire and breaker tracing, delivering consistently accurate results for novice users and experts alike.
Legacy Wire Tracers »
Find and identify energized or de-energized wires, hidden behind walls, ceilings or floors, with technology that makes the work fast and precise.
Underground Cable and Pipe Locators »
Eliminate unnecessary digging or demolition by showing you where energized and de-energized wires, cables and pipes are located before you dig.
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