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Amprobe ACD-51NAV CAT IV 600A True-rms Navigator™ Clamp Meter

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Amprobe ACD-51NAV CAT IV Navigator™ Clamp On Meter 600A with Temperature
Amprobe ACD-51NAV CAT IV Navigator™ Clamp On Meter 600A with Temperature
Amprobe ACD-51NAV CAT IV Navigator™ Clamp On Meter 600A with Temperature
Amprobe ACD-51NAV CAT IV Navigator™ Clamp On Meter 600A with Temperature
Amprobe ACD-51NAV CAT IV Navigator™ Clamp On Meter 600A with Temperature

This versatile clamp-on power meter offers a full range of diagnostics, including those that HVAC technicians need most—volts, amps, resistance, capacitance, DC microamps, in-rush current and temperature.

A great clamp-on multimeter choice for troubleshooting or maintaining air conditioning or motor efficiency, measuring phase rotation, and identifying harmonics. Convenient joystick enables quick single-handed function selection.

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Excellent meter for doing hvac maintenance Has many of the features an hvac technician needs volts, amps, resistance, capacitance and microamps. If you want to do air conditioning or motor efficiency this meter is the one to get. If you need to determine harmonics or phase rotation this is a plus feature. July 30, 2012
This is great service tool for frontline troubleshooting Amprobe ACD-51NAV CAT IV Navigator™ Clamp On Meter 600A with Temperature This Navigator Clamp Meter is now one of my daily use meters. I have been using a competitors meter for my HVAC troubleshooting calls years and now I’ve returned to the Amprobe brand. I have worked in the HVAC / Electrical trade for almost 30 years, as a field technician, and using electrical meters is a daily event. I am a HVAC / Electrical Service Instructor at the Union so buying and using meters is a very important part of my career. Pros: I found this meter is easy to handle and fits great into your hand. The selection dial is easy to read with clear selection points. I found the hold button strategically placed so you can use your thumb to press it. Display light is clear white and lights up the entire display. I found the display easy to understand with large numbers to ready in a tight location. The navigation joystick allows you to make specific menu function selection changes and I found it easy to figure it out make menu changes on the go. The LED work, light below the clamp jaws, is great when you are trying to see into a dark panel or box. The battery indicator helps me to know the battery life that is remaining. Capacitor testing is really easy with this meter. Meter allows measurement of VFD’s with low pass filter Cons: The non-contact voltage detector is very sensitive and sometimes gives false readings. The test leads do not allow for interchangeable lead tips The piercing tips on the test leads don’t pierce the wiring insulation very well. I would like the meter care to be more water resistant; our Northwest weather requires a better waterproof case. April 24, 2012
this product is fantastic. excelent, great product. I'll recomend to any one, March 29, 2012
amprobe is easy and quick. no tme lost This amprobe has it all as far as I am concerned. The amprobe is quick and easy to read. One of the best features as far as I am concerned. March 29, 2012
A must have tool for all users The tool is smaal compact, but has all the features you need in one tool. I HAVE COMPARED IT WITH SOME OF MY HIGH END TOOLS AND WAS SURPRISED AT THE ACCURATE READINGS. March 29, 2012
Exceptional, versitile There is so much to say. This tool is a great size and made with the highest quality materials. Anyone can use it. It is ergonomically designed, compact, works flawlessly with extremely accurate results. That it can be used for multiple purposes helps reduce the tools that get carried around. With the extra large clamps, we can get it around the largest wires. And the temperature sensor is an added plus. You can't go wrong providing your crew with this tool. If you have a team of electricians working together, buy one for each team, and don't forget yourself. March 29, 2012
Easy to read LCD screen show a accurate reading every time. I have used Amprobe products for about 20 years now. They were first offered through my local hardware store. I will not buy any other brand. These units are accurate and very easy to use and have saved my bacon from getting zapped a few times when working in a hot environment. Thanks for the great service and would recommend to all of my fellow DYI friends. March 29, 2012
This is one of the most versetile tool This is one of the most versetile tool, after schematics, that every technicians ought to have the skills to use it. This instrument does the job superbly. It is easy to use use and the large display make it easy to read. The price makes it it a truly good investment March 29, 2012
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  • True-rms technology improves accuracy in noisy environments
  • Measures AC/DC voltage to 1000V, AC current to 600A, plus resistance, frequency, capacitance, power factor, total harmonics distortion (THD) and individual harmonics from 1 to 25
  • Measures temperature from -58°F to 1832°F (-50°C to 1000°C)
  • Provides DC micro amps measurements to test flame sensors
  • Includes inrush current measurement and phase rotation indication for 3-phase motors
  • Non-contact voltage detection enhances safety
  • Low pass filter enables measuring voltage and frequency on variable frequency drives
  • Continuity beeper quickly identifies shorts and opens
  • Large backlit digital display with analog bar graph presents the full picture
  • Min, max and smart data hold
  • Peak hold identifies spikes and transients
  • In-jaw flashlight automatically lights when jaws open to illuminate dark panels and junction boxes
  • Auto power off conserves battery life
  • Maximum jaw opening accommodates large conductors up to 1.45(37mm)
  • Rubber overmold body absorbs shocks—drop proof to 4 feet (1.2m)
  • CAT IV-rated
  • Includes test leads, batteries (installed), deluxe carrying case, banana k-type thermocouple and user's manual
AC Current 100.00 A, 600.0 A 100.00 A, 1000.0 A +/- (1.5 % rdg
+ 5 LSD)
DC Current _ _ 100.00 A, 600.0 A _ 100.00 A, 1000.0 A +/- (1.5 % rdg
+ 5 LSD)
AC Voltage 100.00 V, 1000 V +/- (1.0 % rdg
+ 5 LSD)
DC Voltage 100.00 V, 1000 V +/- (0.7 % rdg
+ 2 LSD)
Resistance 1.0000 KO, 10.00 KO, 100.00 KO +/- (1.0 % rdg
+ 3 LSD)
Frequency 20.0 Hz to 10 KHz +/- (0.5 % rdg
+3 LSD)
Capacitance 400.0 µF, 4.000 mF +/- (1.9 % rdg
+ 8 LSD)
DCµA _ 1000.0 µA _ _ _ +/- (1.7 % rdg
+ 2 LSD)
Temperature _ -50 °F → 1832 °F (-50 ºC → 1000 ºC) _ _ -50 °F → 1832 °F (-50 ºC → 1000 ºC) +/- (1 % rdg
+ 0.8 ºC)
THD (Total harmonics distortion) 0.1% → 100.0% +/- (3.0 % rdg
+ 10 LSD)
Individual harmonics 1 → 25 _
Power 10 kW → 600 kW 10 kW → 1000 kW +/- (2.5 % rdg
+ 5 LSD)
Power factor -1.00 → 1.00 +/- 3 degrees
Accommodates conductors Up to 1.45“ (37 mm) in diameter Up to 1.60“ (40 mm) in diameter  

For complete specs please download the product datasheet under the “Resources" tab.
Model NameDescriptionBuy it
  • True-rms
  • Voltage up to 1000 V AC/DC, resistance, frequency, THD (Total Harmonics Distortion) and individual harmonics form 1 to 25, power, power factor
  • Temperature measurement in °C or °F
  • AC Current Up to 600 A
Included Accessories:   Test leads, users manual, batteries (installed), thermocouple

Test LeadsBuy it
DL248DAmprobe DL248D 
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