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Power Quality, Insulation and Ground Resistance Testers

Cut costs and stay safe. Improving energy efficiency, reducing downtime, and prolonging the life of your equipment are some of the ways you can save money with Amprobe tools.

Personal computers, photocopiers and fluorescent lighting are all putting greater power demands on facilities. When power becomes distorted or “dirty”, it can very quickly destroy mission critical equipment. Ensuring you have clean energy to support your equipment and avoid costly downtime has become increasingly important.

Product Categories

Power Quality Analyzers »
Measure a broad range of parameters from voltage, current and frequency, to harmonics, energy and power factor all with true-rms accuracy. Each Amprobe product comes complete with everything you need including test leads, current transducers, software and more.
Digital Insulation Testers »
Cut unscheduled downtime and reduce shock hazards by testing wires, cables, transformers or entire electrical systems.
Ground Resistance Testers »
Provide accurate and reliable measurements of both ground resistance and soil resistivity for installation and troubleshooting.
Hand Cranked Insulation Testers »
Powered by a smooth operating hand-crank mechanism, test insulation of wires, cables and transformers and electrical motors without batteries or external power.
Analog Battery Powered Insulation Testers »
Quickly check the insulation resistance value of electric equipment and lines with these easy-to-operate testers.
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