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Environmental Test

The right tools to optimize your facility. When you’ve got a specialized job to do, general-purpose tools won’t do. Whether you’re measuring sound, light, water, time or solar energy, depend on Amprobe for affordable, environmental test solutions.

Product Categories

Sound Meters »
Meet the measurement needs of safety engineers, health and safety offices, and quality control. Make safety compliance checks or perform acoustic analysis.
Light Meters »
Monitor and optimize light levels, reduce the energy burden of buildings by significantly increasing the efficiency of the lighting system.
Water Quality Meters »
Help control the costs and risks of maintaining water quality, distribution and waste. Amprobe makes a full line of meters to test pH, conductivity, TDS, salinity, mV, and dissolved oxygen.
Process Control Stopwatches »
Maximize efficiency by helping you analyze and precisely time each task.
CO and CO2 Meters »
Keep labs, hospitals and plants safe by warning you with visual and audible alarms when gasses exceed safe levels.
Manometers »
Are essential for testing gauges, valves and control sensors in pneumatic control, HVAC/R and medical applications.
Solar Meters and Analyzers »
Provide you with superior technology to take optimize the placement and performance of solar energy equipment. Our meters also offer analysis of window efficiency.
Battery Testers »
Find the most common culprit for sensor and instrument failures: batteries. We make testers for back-up batteries and UPS too.
Microwave Leak Detector »
Verifies for service engineers whether the oven operates in accordance with current standards and regulations.
Tachometers »
Measure rotational speed for motors, conveyor belts and other moving or rotating system to maximize the lifespan of equipment in your plant and prevent downtime.
Moisture Meters »
Check the moisture content of building materials for water damage or harmful mold growth.
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