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Electrical Testers

Your safety is our priority. As a top manufacturer, Amprobe has an industry leading internal test lab where our electrical testers are endurance tested to the highest standards and certified by UL and other regulatory groups around the world. Amprobe offers a variety of electrical testers that are field proven to fit your budget and applications:

Product Categories

Wiring Inspector »
Quickly verifies in seconds whether a building’s wiring complies with electrical code, especially voltage drop under load. Just plug it into a socket and see all the results in just one screen.
Voltage and Continuity Testers »
Have built-in shakers for fast, easy troubleshooting with CAT IV 600V/CAT III 1000V input protection.
High-Voltage Testers »
Safely detect voltages up to 122kV without contact to the current carrying conductor for industrial, utility, and mine applications.
Phase Sequence Testers »
Ensure 3-phase motors are correctly and safely connected to equipment.
Milliohm Meters »
Help you prevent failures in motor windings, generators and transformers with a quick and easy resistance test.
Non-Contact Volt Probes »
Safely check circuit breakers, wall sockets and fuses for voltage presence with portable, economical tools.
Socket Testers »
Tests sockets and confirms GFCI breakers are properly wired.
LAN Testers »
Find opens, shorts and mis-wired cable installations with quick go/no-go tests.
Breaker Tracers »
Identify circuit breakers quickly and efficiently.
LCR Testers »
Quickly and efficiently inspect and verify electronic components for quality control.
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