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Clamp Meters

The Amprobe name is synonymous with the world’s best clamp meters. Amprobe invented the first clamp meter in 1948 and the innovation has never stopped! Amprobe offers seven categories to fit your budget and applications:

Product Categories

NEW! Swivel Clamps »
The new Amprobe Swivel™ Clamp Meters feature a patented 180-degree rotating head design allowing a perfect of measurements in tight or inconvenient places.

Simply rotate the body of the clamp meter to get an unobstructed view of the LCD display. Feature rich, measuring AC/DC currents, voltage, resistance and capacitance as well as CAT III 600V safety ratings make this clamp on meter something you should swivel to see.

NEW! Navigator™ Series Clamp Meters »
Amprobe’s newest and most powerful line of clamps feature ultra-rugged design and built-in power quality trouble-shooting capabilities with phase sequence, power and power factor measurements, total harmonics distortion, individual harmonics, and low-pass filter.
CAT IV Industrial Clamp Meters »
Offer on-board power quality analysis or large jaw design for use in industrial, utility and outdoor environments.
Multimeter Clamps »
Give you more for your money by combining clamp meter capabilities with a wide range of multimeter functions to give you full troubleshooting power with one tool.
Recording Clamp Meters »
Enhanced clamp meters that add data logging capabilities so you can monitor over time.
Standard Clamps »
Tried and true clamps that have become industry standards. These clamps let you take quick, accurate measurements with rugged, well-built tools that last.
Analog Clamp Meters »
Take these clamp meters to extreme temperature and keep on measuring amps and volts without problems or batteries. Leakage Clamp Meters – Great for applications requiring measurement of leakage and fault currents, this clamp measures low AC current down to micro amps.

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